Where to get an online loan for a vacation card

Where to get an online loan for a vacation card

Hot tours are an opportunity to relax in complete comfort with a discount of up to 50-70%. To buy a ticket, you need to act quickly, as offers appear 1-3 days before the start of the holiday, and most of those who wish do not have savings. Financial companies allow you to apply for an online loan to a card 24/7, receiving up to UAH 12 in 000 minutes.

What are the conditions for obtaining a microloan for vacation

Microfinance organizations are engaged in issuing small online loans to a card for up to 30-60 days. Each company has a service through which you can apply and track its status, sign a loan agreement and get money in debt.

Most financial companies impose the same requirements on borrowers. Receive credit card online can be adult citizens of Ukraine who need:

  • mobile phone;

  • email;

  • passport;

  • identification code;

  • active payment card.

To consider the conditions for obtaining a loan online in Ukraine, let's take the company ZeCredit. On the official website, you can get the first microcredit in the amount of 1 to 000 hryvnia, subsequent ones - up to 7 hryvnia. For the use of borrowed funds, the company takes a commission of 000% per day.

How to apply online for a card in 15 minutes

Among the many advantages of microcredit, regular customers of microfinance organizations highlight loyalty: the system approves the application in 92% of cases. To obtain a loan without refusal, it is enough to meet the requirements of the company, indicate reliable data in the questionnaire, avoiding errors and typos.

If you want to take a loan online in Ukraine for a vacation through the Kumo microcredit service, go through the standard registration procedure for new customers:

  1. Create a personal account. On the registration page, enter your mobile phone number.

  2. Fill in the form. It consists of standard questions, including full name, tax identification number and email address. To save time, you can use the authorization service through BankID.

  3. Verify the card. To get an online credit for a card, enter its number, expiration date and CVV code. There must be at least 1 hryvnia on the account.

  4. Submit a request. Choose the amount of the loan and the timing of its closing. It takes 15 minutes to process an application.

  5. Get money. The system will send the decision to the specified phone number, and the status of the application will change in the personal account. If it is approved, you need to sign an agreement and receive funds.

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We draw the attention of those wishing to take a loan online in Ukraine to the openness of the Kumo service. The activities of MFIs are regulated by the current legislation of Ukraine, and the certificate of registration, audit report, financial statements, an example of an agreement and other documents are freely available on the website.

Connection encryption technology is used to protect personal and bank data. Payments are processed on a secure page of the processing system. That is why you can absolutely safely take online credit cards for consumer or investment purposes.

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