What is a Spotify Premium subscription, how much does it cost, and what does it provide?

What is Spotify Premium?

Spotify Premium is a music streaming service that gives you access to over 30 million of the world's music from your phone, tablet or laptop, as well as select TVs and car audio systems. On Spotify, you can:

  • choose music to listen to depending on your mood and preferred genre;
  • listen to music recommended to you by Spotify based on user preference statistics;
  • create playlists of your favorite music; 
  • listen to playlists created by other users;
  • follow the activities of your favorite artists;
  • listen to playlists of your favorite artists.

Benefits of Spotify Premium

A user can create a Spotify account for himself on the spotify.com website using an email address or authorization through a social network account. The free version of Spotify gives the user access to music, but does not provide the full range of features that the Premium version has.

Benefits of the (paid) version of Spotify Premium:

  • excellent sound quality (320 kbps);
  • the ability to listen to music in the absence of an Internet connection (music can be downloaded to your device);
  • there are no restrictions regarding the content and sequence of works that you want to listen to;
  • there are no ads that interfere with listening to music.

Telia mobile number users can pay for Spotify Premium service based on Telia account.

How to use Spotify Premium?

To connect to the service, you need an internet connection (to download the Spotify app) and a valid email address or social network account (to register a Spotify account). Before using the service, it is imperative that you read the Spotify Terms of Service, which are available at www.spotify.com. In order to use the service, the customer must agree to these Spotify Terms of Service. The download speed of the application depends on the speed of the Internet connection used.

Customer can use Spotify simultaneously on one device. You can log in to up to three devices at the same time. When authorizing on the fourth device, the client automatically logs out of the application on the first device. For the use of the service, the client must pay a monthly fee according to the price list and the invoice presented to the client. Telia is not responsible for possible failures in the use of Spotify, as well as for the fact that the client uses the service contrary to the Terms of Use of the Spotify Service.

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