Computer clouds - what is it?

Today cloud technologies used by many personal computer users. They are work sites on the Internet that are hosted on a remote server. The principle of these tools is based on a more convenient method of processing and storing information in different formats.

Categories of cloud technologies

Cloud technologies are different hardware, software, methodologies and tools. They fall into three categories:

1. Public clouds are a type of IT infrastructure that is intended to be shared by many services and enterprises. The owner of the resource is responsible for its maintenance and management, and users, in turn, and subscribers have the opportunity only to process, store information and exchange it. This category includes Amazon EC2, Google Apps/Docs, Microsoft Office Web.

2. Private clouds are the most secure type of IT infrastructure that can be used by only one subscriber, which can be both an individual and a legal entity.

3. Hybrid clouds are an IT infrastructure product that combines all the advantages of private and public clouds. As a rule, they are used by organizations with seasonal periods of activity, when the internal IT structure cannot cope with the load in a certain period of time.

Benefits of using cloud technologies

With the right choice of cloud category and settings, users get the following benefits:

  • constant access to personal information from any computer with Internet access;
  • to work with these tools, not only a personal computer, but also a tablet or smartphone is suitable;
  • the ability to use any operating system;
  • you can view and edit information simultaneously for several users from different devices;
  • access to more free or cheaper web applications;
  • no risk of information loss in case of equipment failure;
  • you can access updated information at any time - it is enough to have a device connected to the Internet at hand;
  • automatic update;
  • the ability to exchange data with users, regardless of their location.
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However, several disadvantages should also be taken into account. The most significant of them is the need for access to the Internet, as well as the low level of protection of confidential information.

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