Wheels r16 5 × 112 for which cars are suitable

The automotive industry is developing at full speed. Today it is easier to walk than to find a parking space in the city center. The variety of machines, their configurations and parts for them is so great that it is sometimes difficult to figure out the issue on your own. One marking disks r16 5×112 what is it worth. Therefore, we propose to figure out what comes from and how it is selected.

What do the numbers mean in the encryption of the rollers

When choosing new components, the design features of the part and its overall dimensions are of paramount importance:

  • diameter;

  • width;

  • departure;

  • bolt pattern;

  • the presence of humps, etc.

And in order to present this information to the client, the manufacturer puts a special marking on the side surface of each disc. It contains all the required data. When choosing a new product, it is enough to compare the factory parameters of the wheels with those offered by the seller. Ideally, it is better to purchase completely similar rims. But if you really want to carry out easy tuning of the car, then you can slightly adjust the diameter of the wheels, their reach or width.

Brands of cars with wheels r16 5×112

Today, the 16th wheel size is quite running. It is installed on both cars and light trucks. The numbers 5×112 mean that the part has 5 mounting holes, which are offset from the center of the product by 112 mm. These properties of the disc should not change, as they are responsible for the reliability of the wheel fastening.

This standard size is installed on 239 models of machines. Among them: Lamborghini Gaillardo, Ford Galaxy, Mercedes Viano, C-class, Vito, A-class, SLK, SLR, ML, all Skoda models except Fabia, all Audi models except A1, Volkswagen Golf, Jetta, Passat, Sharan , Tiguan, Beetle, Golf Plus, etc.

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What are discs with a 5 × 112 bolt pattern

Today it is quite easy to buy auto disks. The difference is only in the price of the product and its external performance:

  • stamped rollers are the cheapest, but at the same time they are heavyweights, which adversely affects the maneuverability of the car. Such components are very reliable and practical. They withstand trips on any roads and surroundings, are easily leveled after deformation, and can last more than 5 years;

  • cast wheels are very elegant and relatively light. Their weight is 1,5 times lower than that of stamping. They are not afraid of rust, have a high level of heat transfer, and are installed without balancing. But at the same time, the driver must remember about some fragility of such spare parts and their poor maintainability;

  • forged rims are the lightest and most durable. But their price is so high that these types of wheels can only be seen on premium vehicles.

The range of wheel products is quite large, so each driver will be able to choose the right option in accordance with their own budget.

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