How to win at Kosmolot casino?

Casino today is a fairly common occurrence among users, and every day their number is increasing. Since an online casino is a good way to escape from daily worries and troubles, relax, immerse yourself in the gaming world of excitement and just enjoy high-quality computer graphics. Beginners usually just get their kicks from getting to know the casino, with gaming Web portals, while more experienced players play real games, make real bets and get real winnings.

Of course, at the initial stage, when it is necessary to make the first bets, this can scare many, since no one knows what will happen next, whether the money will be returned, whether it is real. But the casino spaceship does everything to convince potential players that the winnings are real and that it is quite possible to implement.

UNL license for Kosmolot casino

Kosmolot is the only casino in Ukraine that is state-owned. It exists in accordance with the norms of the current legislation in accordance with the license, which is received from the Ministry of Finance in accordance with the procedure established by the Law and is a real confirmation of the legal existence of the casino. That is, in order to become a member of the casino, you do not need to hide your IP address and enter the site through some special programs, since all actions in Kosmolot are completely legal.

That is why there is a very large number of users in the Kosmolot casino, and their number is increasing every day, as they understand that the casino is legal and they will not expect any surprises. This explains the popularity of the casino and the leading places in the ranking.

What stages must be overcome in order to claim the prize?

Initially, you need to register on the site, since only registered users have the right to choose paid versions of games, use all the features of the casino, make full bets, receive and use bonuses, and win real money. By going to the official website of Kosmolot, you will quickly figure out how to register. It's simple enough.

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After registration, it will be necessary to go through the procedure of verification or confirmation of the identity of the player. It is carried out by sending the player's documents (passport and code) directly to the support service, where the accuracy of the data entered by the player will be established. In the event that it is established that the player has entered false contact information about himself, then his account may be completely blocked.

After that, you need to replenish your deposit account. This is a prerequisite. Moreover, there is a minimum amount by which you should replenish your account, which is 100 hryvnia.

You can replenish your deposit account at the casino in the following ways:

  • Visa and Mastercard bank cards;
  • Privat24;
  • depositing funds through payment terminals or SMS;

If the player managed to win at slot machines and the money won appeared on his deposit account, then he has a real opportunity to withdraw it. Withdrawal of funds is also carried out through the above payment systems, and the minimum amount of winnings that can be withdrawn is also UAH 100. Moreover, if the application for the withdrawal of funds was created during business hours, namely: from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 19 pm, then the payment will occur immediately, but if the application was created on a weekend or after business hours, then its term consideration to increase slightly, but the player has absolutely nothing to lose.

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