4 types of exercise bikes for home workouts: which one to choose

Effective home workouts involve the use of special devices. Modern high-tech devices allow you to correctly adjust the load mode, control your heart rate and get good results. One of them is velosimulators, which are presented on the market in different configurations. Consider the main types of such devices and how they differ.


Simple models that perfectly simulate cycling and can reach high speeds. Because of this, they are often used by professional athletes. The uniform distribution of the load ensures the correct study of the muscles.


  • natural imitation of cycling;

  • affordable cost.

The disadvantage of simulators can be called excessive noise during operation, the pads also wear out quickly.


Exercise bikes are equipped with a belt that connects the pedals and the flywheel. During its tension, resistance is created. For comfortable and smooth training, the weight of the flywheel in the simulator should be from 2,5 kg, otherwise there may be interruptions when pedaling.

Despite the low price, such simulators are not very popular due to the rapid wear of the components.


More advanced training bikes based on a special design. So, the built-in magnet, approaching the flywheel or moving away from it, creates a certain load on the pedals. Its movement is controlled mechanically.

When choosing a magnetic exercise bike, it is advisable to give preference to models whose flywheel weighs from 6 kilograms. Otherwise, you will notice an uneven load when pedaling. Because of this, the quality of training is reduced.

Pros of exercise bikes:

  • the most accurate load adjustment;

  • in the case of the correct choice of model, a comfortable and smooth ride is observed;

  • built-in heart rate sensors;

  • information screen.

Relatively good models of such sports equipment are quite expensive. At the same time, you get a reliable assistant for your workouts.

Bicycle ergometers

This is a new generation of home exercise bikes. They are considered the most high-tech, and also provide the best quality training. And no wonder, because they contain the latest features for athletes.

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The operation of bicycle ergometers is based on an electromagnetic system of braking and loading. It shows the highest accuracy and never fails. The load is measured in Watts, which provides convenience during training control. Exercise machines can be used by those who are undergoing rehabilitation after injuries.


  • the presence of advanced functions and modes for training;

  • the most accurate load adjustment;

  • built-in computer with pre-installed programs;

  • pulse sensors.

Trainers are also suitable for professional training. They provide maximum comfort during exercise and are very easy to manage.

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