ASIC mining: features

ASIC mining: features

If we are talking about ASIC mining, then it is a process that involves the extraction of previously non-existing blocks in the cryptocurrency network using special equipment designed to perform such operations.

The case concerns the use of asics, which are devices consisting of a power supply, as well as a box that plays the role of a casing, boards and microscopic processors. It also includes other components that ensure the functioning.

A characteristic feature is the presence of a highly efficient cooling system. It consists of fans installed from the ends of the miner. The principle of operation of equipment of this type is indistinguishable from the principle based on which other devices for mining coins using GPUs and CPUs operate.

The difference lies solely in the efficiency of extraction. It is due to the use of powerful units, which is characterized by a high hash rate. Unlike a personal computer, a specialized asic miner operates using chips as basic components, the role of which is played by specialized microscopic processors. They are created and programmed to receive coins of various types.

How does an ASIC miner work?

If it comes to the process of functioning of the asic mining farm, then it is based on the algorithm:

  1. The transaction procedure is performed, after which information about it is entered into the log.
  2. A special chain of information is redirected to the participants.
  3. The equipment from a large number of combinations, which amounts to several million, selects the appropriate hash. It must be suitable for operations, a private key. The presence of the latter guarantees the reward.

In such a situation, several thousand people are fighting for it. Many participants have at their disposal powerful asic mining farms, characterized by increased performance indicators.

After guessing, the block is closed and a new node is created. In this case, the hash consists of a part of another hash, which was part of the previously existing segment. It also includes the sum of these components for the last 10 minutes, another number used to comply with the conditions of the crypto network.

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Beginners who are just about to get into activities such as asic mining on a specialized farm, it must be taken into account that, at best, the purchase of equipment, as well as its maintenance and payment for electricity, will pay off in 10-12 months.

You can more accurately calculate the payback period using a specialized online calculator. It is designed to calculate the profitability of mining. To get a specific figure, you need to enter the characteristics of your own equipment.

It is required to understand that the latest models of asic miners bring their users $250–350 monthly. Yield is continuously adjusted. Thus, it is impossible to accurately determine the payback period, since there are a huge number of constantly appearing and disappearing factors.

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