Robotics and artificial intelligence: the best electronic kits for kids

Constructors are one of the most unusual and popular games for children of all ages, as well as adults. It seems that you will never get tired of folding cubes, connecting parts, creating figures. But modern manufacturers do not stand still and offer more interesting options for such toys, in which smart technologies are added. Electronic becomes more and more popular. the children's designer, which the guys can turn into a robot, a controlled car or a product with artificial intelligence. Consider the most popular models.

LEGO Mindstorms EV3

A real robot on control with many possibilities - this is exactly what this constructor is. It will be interesting for both children and adults. It provides 594 parts from which you need to assemble the toy. The robot itself can be programmed to control it or set different tasks.

The robot can move, perform your tasks, talk. It is controlled by a tablet or smartphone. Another feature of the designer is that from the details you can create not only a standard robot figure, but also a real transformer, a car, as well as other controlled figures, which depends on the child’s imagination.

Connoisseur K062-C

Such a constructor is intended for the smallest researchers - children from 5 years old. It will allow them to take their first steps in electronics, as well as design a controlled toy by choosing one of 34 schemes. The instruction has detailed descriptions on the purpose of speakers, lamps, transistors, radios, amplifiers and other elements. Designed toys can play music, play a radio, or make sounds.

Xiaomi Mitu Mi Robot Builder Rover

A very interesting constructor, which involves assembling a powerful combat robot with different functions. The toy moves on tracks, perfectly bypasses obstacles and can move on uneven tracks. It is possible to execute commands that the child can ask by voice or through the application installed on the smartphone.


The toy is assembled from hundreds of parts that are made of environmentally friendly materials. In addition, they are compatible with Lego, which allows you to create the most incredible designs.

UBTECH Jimu Robot JR0501

For a child, this designer will be one of the most interesting. After all, it provides a lot of different options, and it is programmed to perform many actions. The control device is the brain of the robot, the appearance of which the child himself can come up with. By connecting parts and LEDs, you can develop a rather original toy. Each detail in it moves freely and easily, and you can connect the designer without additional tools. By connecting the robot to a smartphone, you can easily control it. He will ride, drag and lift items, and much more.

On Time Logic Blocks

This is a great construction set for kids who are ready to develop their logic and learn programming. With a variety of parts, you can create up to 30 interesting projects, including: a reminder of important things, a burglar alarm, a lamp and much more. Management of the finished toy is as clear as possible. There are special schemes for creating products, but a child can also experiment and make their own interesting projects.

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