How to buy Airpods and iPhone on credit

How to buy Airpods and iPhone on credit

Let's not overstate the fact that prices for Apple technology are not always good for the skin. Some people don't pay a penny, then pay more for the "brand", but some people don't make so much money buy AirPods  chi new model phone. Fortunately, today there are a lot of options, how can you get a new gadget that does not pay the whole sum at a time.

One of these ways is credit. In the Apple Room, you can take whatever iPhone on credit, vibravshi with this term, you will pay for it with a stretch. It’s also obvious, because there are a lot of different tariff plans, it’s not necessary to pay the first installment of a loan for a term of up to 36 months, so you need to pay a loan.

Wash your credit

You didn’t choose any of the options, the first deposit is due daily and you can repay the loan without additional commission. We suggest:

The first 4 months without tickets. Rozmir credit to become from 1000 to 50000 hryvnia, no insurance. After the end of 4 months, the commission becomes 3,5%.

The first 10 months without tickets. Rozmir credit to become from 1000 to 70000 hryvnia. Starting from 11 months, the commission becomes 3,5%. Loan term up to 36 months.

The first 24 months without tickets. Loan amount: from 1000 to 70000 UAH. After two years, the commission will be 3,5%.

What do you need to get a loan for an iPhone or AirPods?

For the first time, guess about those that in the Apple Room you can borrow not only new technology, but even earlier. In this rank, you can spare even more pennies without spending any more money. As a rule, used gadgets are no better than new ones, but you can afford to have a larger number of people.

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In order to gain credit for the service, it is necessary:

  • sob your vіk bіv bіsh 21 rokіv;
  • buti officially pracevlashtovanim;
  • mother pіd hour of the procedure passport i іdidentifіkatsіyny code with аbі.

Without a doubt, think about those who want to be able to use technology like Apple, don’t want to switch to Android anymore, or be it other operating systems. We want, if you are a skin person, if you can’t have enough money for the construction of a bazhannya, or to make a dream about looking like an expensive outbuilding, you can afford it, so we can give the clients themselves sruchni and vigіdnі think of a loan.

You can always turn to our manager for help, as you have received additional food. To do this, you just need to click on the link button in the bottom corner of our site, enter your active phone number, as well as e-mail.

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