Comparison of various antiviruses. Pros and cons of free and paid programs

In today's article, you would like to compare paid and free antiviruses and understand whether it is worth overpaying for commercial antivirus programs for home use.  

It's no secret that any antivirus, whether it's paid or not, must first of all protect you and your hardware from malware and hackers, which most of course manage to do. But what are the differences, let's take a closer look:

Functional differences between antiviruses

Commercial as well as free antiviruses have several well-known options.

  • Paid projects are not advertised, technical support is provided for them, in this case, various opportunities are offered.
  • Paid anti-virus projects have many settings, the interface is different from free projects.
  • The functionality of the programs differ in the number of functions, parameters, characteristics that are really necessary even for home use, because very often we use home hardware both for work and for paying for orders, where we enter personal data, and the protection of free versions is not designed for this.

Advertising messages, information, notifications

The second thing you should pay attention to when using Free Antivirus is advertising. Yes, if you didn’t know, but 100% free antiviruses will get you with one or another type of advertising and you can’t do without it. If you belong to the category of people who can easily react to pop-up ads, do not notice messages, then you can still try to use such software, of course, advertising distracts and causes discomfort for many people.


Maintenance of the device is relevant even for non-professional specialists. In the paid version, you can easily take advantage of 24/7 localized support, which will solve all technical issues, and some vendors will be able to remotely clean your devices from viruses. And if you have a free antivirus, then in most cases you will have to rely only on yourself.

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Additional features

Ancillary features in commercial modifications of programs do not provide a guarantee that this is the best antivirus. Additional functions are sometimes useless for users, in some cases they can lead to a decrease in the speed of action. Experts advise you to select additional functions according to their preferences, requirements, but again, if you are not a savvy specialist, then in most cases it is better to connect all the additional ones, because support will not help you. Also, some anti-virus projects have special functions that can be used to provide protection against specific malicious projects. The mail scanning function is in some cases not included in free projects. This means that a Person can accidentally send a message with a malicious application to another user on a personal device. The protective functions of the project will block the existing infection for the user's device in real time.

Some functions: control, as well as encoding, copying information, secure deletion are required by many users under certain circumstances. For these functions, a special program is suitable, which is designed to ensure that the work is efficient. It is difficult for new users to master these functions, for this reason, functions may lose their significance.

Free antiviruses and their expediency for developers

Sometimes the question arises: what is the effectiveness of free programs? It turns out that their value lies in the development of various products. Programmers are paid in 3 different ways. Developers create advertising projects in which you can see various notifications, advertising of goods and services.

Advertising. With the help of notifications, the developer can advertise paid products. In them you can see inactive controls, functions, these characteristics are available in paid models. Free projects, programs are used as a platform for the implementation, advertising of other products. Installation of auxiliary software - a module of tools designed for the browser, search.

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It also collects information - data about visiting a URL, about systems that are later sold to other users to solve various problems.


Summing up, we can say that the free version is relevant only if you use a computer only for personal purposes, do not pay on the Internet, use only licensed software, do not visit unreliable sites at all (although this is a moot point, because trustworthy sites are sometimes hacked), that's all for you as well as advertising that will get you at any time of the day or night and you agree to be a guinea pig for free from the developers of antivirus software, if this is not the case, then you need to buy antivirus software provision and so on.

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