The best electric toothbrushes

The best electric toothbrushes of 2020

One of the important aspects of dental care is choosing a quality toothbrush that fits all parameters. Electric models have become relevant, which cope with their task faster and better, easily remove plaque and prevent the appearance of stone on the enamel. There are different models in stores. The best electronic toothbrush is always selected individually, taking into account the sensitivity of the enamel and the general condition of the teeth.

Types of electric toothbrushes

All models are divided into several categories:

  • mechanical;
  • sound;
  • ultrasonic.

The first models have a round working area, which makes from 5 to 30 thousand oscillations. The handle has a board that controls the movement of the bristles. This device is powered by batteries or a rechargeable battery.

The sound model assumes the presence of sound vibrations that allow you to gently clean the tissues from food debris, plaque and harmful microorganisms. There are options for young children who are difficult to accustom to systematic and proper cleaning.

Ultrasonic are included in the TOP of electric toothbrushes. Ultrasonic waves propagate to deeper layers, successfully cope with plaque and deposits. With the help of such a toothbrush, you can easily restore the whiteness of the enamel without trauma to the gums. Such models are among the most expensive.

There are models with additional features. On sale you can find brushes with an irrigator and a timer. The first one delivers a jet with water pressure. This allows you to properly clean the space between your teeth. The timer involves setting a specific time for a hygiene procedure. Dentists and orthodontists recommend setting it for two minutes. After the end of the time, a characteristic sound is emitted, which may differ for products from different manufacturers.

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Choosing the Best Electric Toothbrush by Bristle Type

The best electric toothbrushes come with different types of bristles. The super soft ones are ideal for babies and people who suffer from bleeding gums. Soft are relevant for people with frequent exacerbations of stomatitis. Medium hardness is a common type for those who rarely experience serious problems in the oral cavity. Hard and very hard are suitable for adults who use braces or have frequent plaque buildup.

It is not recommended to use electric toothbrushes with natural bristles. In them:

  • bacteria multiply rapidly;
  • the tips cannot be rounded, so gums and enamel can be injured;
  • properties are quickly lost.

If you study the rating of electronic toothbrushes, it is headed by products with artificial bristles. Often it is collected in special bundles that are placed on the surface. According to the arrangement of the beams, brushes are distinguished:

  • Hygienic. These include mainly children's options.
  • Preventive. The beams are located in different directions, may differ in stiffness and length. Sometimes supplemented with rubber inclusions for massage.
  • Special. Suitable for cleaning implants, sold in special pharmacies.

How to choose the perfect electric toothbrush?

One of the important parameters is the head. Her choice is approached very carefully. Models with a small cleaning head can effectively remove plaque. They easily reach hard-to-reach areas, wisdom teeth. When selecting, make sure that the cleaning head covers a maximum of 2-3 teeth.

By studying the rating of sonic brushes and others, you can focus on the following options:

  • charge level indicator;
  • tooth pressure sensor;
  • adjustable frequency of microoscillations;
  • contactless charging.

Some models have removable nozzles and several modes. The latter are divided into basic, whitening, polishing and massage.

There are nozzles that make reciprocating rotational movements and pulsating. The first variety provides gentle cleansing, suitable for people with sensitive enamel. Pulsating ones transmit vibration so that the bristles make circular movements. Such models effectively remove plaque, cope with deposits, but can injure the gums.

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Which electric toothbrushes are in the ratings?

A modern toothbrush is included in the TOP not only due to its characteristics, but also reviews from users.

CS Medica CS-333-BK
CS Medica CS-333-BK

In many ratings there is CS Medica CS-333-BK. Her head makes up to 31 thousand movements per minute. Equipped with an oval head and has five modes of operation. Due to the high sound frequency, the paste is whipped into a thick, uniform foam. Has a learning mode.

Oral-B Pro 500 CrossAction
Oral-B Pro 500 CrossAction

Oral-B Pro 500 CrossAction has a plastic case, complemented by a timer. The set includes a replaceable round head with a special arrangement of bristles. This allows you to clean your teeth in hard-to-reach places.

Donfeel HSD-015
Donfeel HSD-015

When choosing which electric toothbrush is best, you can consider Donfeel HSD-015. This is an ultrasonic model that effectively copes with the destruction of harmful microflora, whitens and polishes teeth. Not suitable for sensitive enamel.

Hapica Ultrafine
Hapica Ultrafine

Hapica Ultrafine is a unique sonic electric brush designed to facilitate dental hygiene with increased sensitivity. It has very thin bristles that penetrate into the narrow spaces between the teeth. Some users claim that this is the best toothbrush in the world.

Which device for oral hygiene to choose, everyone decides for himself. The best option is to get a consultation from your dentist, who will tell you not only about a suitable toothbrush, but also about toothpaste.

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