What are the advantages of microcorrugated cardboard boxes

What are the advantages of microcorrugated cardboard boxes

Since February 1, 2021, the Ukrainian postal operator Novaya Pochta has slightly changed the rules for sending correspondence and parcels. The company has provided customers with a wider choice of packaging types, but boxes still “dominate” - for example, from microcorrugated cardboard. In particular, boxes new mail be able to sort faster on automatic sorting belts.

However, even something as simple as a cardboard box can be more or less reliable. For high-quality protection and greater confidence that the package will survive transportation, it is recommended to choose the option from microcorrugated cardboard. What is this material? 

Features of microcorrugated cardboard boxes

Microcorrugated cardboard is produced using technology that provides a structure with wavy folds. The production process usually looks like this: smooth and corrugated layers are made separately, and then they are glued together on special equipment. A flat layer is called a "liner", and a wavy layer is called a "fluting".

 Compared with ordinary cardboard, it has the following advantages:

  • while maintaining a small weight, they are more rigid and durable;
  • with special processing, it will tolerate high humidity without problems;
  • considered harmless, that is, it can be used to transport food or medical products. 

Options: how many layers are needed

Boxes are assembled from microcorrugated cardboard in the same way as ordinary ones. You can easily apply any pattern or print on them. And at the same time, they remain containers that can be recycled, that is, they do not harm the environment.

The material allows you to make a box of several layers. The most popular are boxes with two, three and five layers. Choosing is quite simple - if you need a large margin of safety, you should take a box with a large number of layers. We note the most popular cardboard options for packaging various goods:

  • two-layer - light bulbs, incandescent lamps, fragile items;
  • three-layer - goods from marketplaces, food, documents;
  • five-layer - furniture, household appliances, building materials. 
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Results: convenient and practical

Microcorrugated cardboard is a versatile material that will help ensure the safety of even a fragile package. At the same time, even after completing its main task, the box can be useful - for example, small boxes are convenient to use for storing various small things, and large ones when moving.

And when the boxes lose their presentation or simply become unnecessary, they can be recycled - and thus make a small but feasible contribution to the preservation of the environment.

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