What is an LED driver and what are its advantages

What is an LED driver and what are its advantages

Over the past few years, consumers have become increasingly interested in LED lighting. LED lamps have gained immense popularity and demand, because this is a relatively new lighting technology without ultraviolet radiation. In addition, the device is very economical, has a long service life. LED lighting allows you to create very original textures of light both in room interiors and on the street.

If you are interested in purchasing this device, please note that it is characterized by special requirements for the parameters of the eclectic network. In order for the lamp to work optimally, you will need an LED driver for the lamp. Now let's figure out what it is, why you need it.

What is an LED driver for an LED lamp

Many people have a question about what a driver for ICE is and why it is actually needed. The LED driver is a special device that performs the functions of stabilizing the supply of current flowing through the LED circuit, and is also responsible for the life of the device guaranteed by the manufacturer.

When choosing, three main parameters must be taken into account:

  • output voltage;
  • current;
  • power level consumed by the load.

Ice driver and its purpose

This device is often powered by a 220 volt electrical network, although its performance is designed for low voltage (10, 12, 24V). It is also worth considering that although the driver has some versatility, it will still have a small efficiency in the case when it is provided with a minimum load.

If you need to install lighting in a car, a lamp in the headlight of a bicycle or motorcycle, power from 9 to 36 volts will be enough. For devices with powerful lamps and high electrical energy consumption, a driver with a high input voltage is purchased.

LED driver: what is it

LED drivers are used to provide power to these elements, in particular the brighter ones. They mean a stable current source that converts the mains voltage into direct current.

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The driver for LED luminaires provides a stable current supply while the power supplies provide a constant output voltage. The brightness of the LED glow directly depends on the level of current flowing through it. Therefore, in order to ensure the most uniform glow, it is important to provide a stable current.

The LED driver is characterized by a number of significant advantages that positively distinguish it in comparison with the power supply:

  • stable current supply is a guarantee of a constant flow of light;
  • during the operation of the driver, the maximum allowable power is supplied to the LED, which in turn provides an opportunity to get the maximum light output;
  • This appliance uses less electricity.

This helps to protect the LEDs from overheating, ensure their more stable operation, and as a result, significantly increases their service life.

How to choose an LED driver for a luminaire

Often, users have questions when choosing an LED lamp driver. To make it easier for you to understand this case, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with a few important tips. Pay attention to the working output current. It must necessarily be no more than in a faulty device. The next item is maximum power. This parameter must be no less than the power in the faulty driver. It is allowed to use the device with high power, however, the deviation from the standard should not exceed 10-15%. The output operating voltage range should be wider or the same as that of the "original". At the same time, do not forget that the operating point should be no closer than 10% to one of the edges of the driver range. Do not forget about the need to "decoupling" the mains voltage. Select device options according to the degree of protection. Be sure to check whether the dimensions of the purchased driver suit you. If you have any problems, you can contact the experts for advice. They will help you choose the best option.

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