How to buy a Power Bank and not miscalculate

Smartphones, players, wireless headphones and many other digital devices are powered by built-in batteries. But the charges of these batteries tend to end, and often this happens at the most inopportune moment. If it is not possible to connect to the mains, in this case an alternative source of energy will be needed. They can become Power Bank - an external battery.

The range of these devices is very wide: they differ in capacity, design, dimensions, set of connectors and other parameters. All of these features affect not only power bank prices, but also for the service life of devices, the comfort of their use. In our article, we will talk about the five most important aspects that should be considered when choosing external batteries.

What to look for when buying a Power Bank

  1. Gadget compatibility. Various cables and adapters are used to connect various devices to the Power Bank. Therefore, external batteries in this regard can be considered universal. The situation is somewhat more complicated with the input voltage for the connected devices and the presence of the corresponding connectors in the bank. For example, if the gadget needs a current of 1A, and the external battery has only a 2A connector, then charging will occur normally due to the built-in protection systems. But if the power bank has only a 1A current connector, and the device consumes 2A, then problems are possible: the connected device will charge slowly or it will not have enough power for this at all.

  2. Portable charger capacity. Very often, when buying a Power Bank, users choose models with a large capacity in order to always have a solid supply of energy. This approach can be considered justified, but it should be remembered that high-capacity batteries themselves recharge significantly longer, have a relatively greater weight and increased dimensions. To choose a model with optimal capacity, you need to determine which gadgets you need to charge and how often.

  3. Trademark. As with any product, the reputation of a power bank manufacturer matters a lot. Products of well-known brands are of higher quality, have a longer working life, and cause fewer problems in operation. If the budget for the purchase is limited, you should not take risks and buy models of unknown brands. Instead, it is better to opt for a branded battery with a lower capacity.

  4. Availability of additional options. For ease of use, devices can be equipped with charge indicators, several ports for different current strengths, and LED backlighting.

  5. The appearance of the battery. Design, tactile sensation from case materials, ergonomics - all these points influence the choice, but they are purely individual. The most important thing is that the device is made of durable and wear-resistant materials, assembled with high quality, and does not have visually noticeable defects.

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Given all these nuances, you will surely be able to buy a device with optimal performance. If you do not want to bother studying the parameters of power banks, you can always use the help of consultants in electronics stores.

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