TOP 10 Best Free Steam Games

TOP 8 Best Free Steam Games

If you don’t want to spend money on games, but you can’t refuse such entertainment, then in this case you can look at the Steam platform, which offers completely free gaming content, not only little-known products, but also real hits. The platform has something to offer to those who want to play on the computer, but absolutely do not want to spend a dime on it. The service is full of free projects, and among them there are quite a few with a fairly high quality of execution. Below is the TOP 10 best free games in "Steam". It is worth downloading and evaluating them, and at the same time having a good time.

1.Path of Exile

Path of Exile

If you like top-down RPG slashers, you may have heard of Path of Exile. This is a free successor to Diablo for those who don't like the direction of the games in this series.

Diablo has gotten easier over the years, so Path of Exile is a deep and complex game. Here you can choose from hundreds of skills in the form of gems to fix on different items of equipment. There are 7 playable classes and multiple sub-classes, over 1300 passive perks to unlock, and loads of legendary gear.

All this is to be earned with sweat and blood. To do this, you need to fight hordes of opponents of various sizes during a long story campaign. When you're ready, you can test yourself against other players in tournaments or create your own hideout to your liking.



Warframe is best described as a third-person pseudo-action MMO, but that description won't tell the whole story. The variety and quantity of content here is huge.

Warframe may not be the most beginner-friendly game out there, but it is one of the best examples of a user-friendly free-to-play game. There are no annoying loot boxes here, although there is a collection of resources. Everything that can be bought can be earned in the game for free and without having to spend 10K hours, like in Star Wars: Battlefront II.

The game has fairly typical, but still exciting co-op missions where you will collect materials to craft objects. There is also a main story, as well as a huge open world space, vehicles, craftable pets, PVP, space battles.

There are also warframes. Instead of classes, you can collect dozens of humanoid weapon systems, and they will have a unique look, as well as abilities. With such a choice of options, you are sure to find something to your taste and the style of play that you like.

3 Endless Sky

Endless sky

Considering the best free games on Steam, you should pay attention to the computer game Endless Sky. If the game is free, then this does not mean at all that it will be shortened, with a simple plot. A striking example of a completely different approach is the game Endless Sky with space travel. In it, you can just forget about time. However, please note that the graphics are 2-dimensional. The interface is also not very user-friendly. The sounds are monotonous, which can also get annoying over time. However, otherwise it is quite interesting content that will help you relax and unwind. All in all, this is a standard, classic space game. First, the player receives the first ship, and on it he can go to explore space, to transport goods. You even have to fight pirates or rob other ships. The game is exciting and perfect for fans of space battles and adventures.

4 Apex Legends

The developer of Titanfall, Respawn Entertainment, unexpectedly introduced a game in the Battle Royale genre at the beginning of 2019. Through thoughtful sponsorship deals with popular streamers, Apex Legends has been able to stand out from Fortnite with its vigor and numerous twists on the genre, such as the ability to resurrect dead teammates.

In just a month, 50 million people wanted to play, which was an incredibly high result. Fortnite and PUBG seemed so solid that a third was superfluous. However, Apex Legends was able to gain a foothold. She has 9 seasons under her belt with excellent heroes, maps, weapons, skins and equipment. This is one of the best free games.

The audience expanded with the release of the game on Steam in 2020. The number of simultaneous connections has increased to more than 300, now this number is about 000 daily. The game is available on different platforms, so it is not necessary to play only with Steam users.

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If you haven't seen Apex Legends before, the gameplay is familiar to its genre. You and a maximum of two teammates, acquaintances or strangers, arrive by air into the arena. You can choose where and when to appear on the map, after which you have to quickly move through a large variety of locations to search for equipment. Unlike competing games, Apex Legends gives everyone passive, tactical, and ultimate abilities to use as they see fit.

For example, if you play as a Lifeline Combat Medic, you can use the healing drone to revive allies and restore their health. You can play as the Bloodhound ranger, whose tactical ability allows you to see enemies through walls for a short time.

You can play as the thief Loba, his ultimate ability is the ability to install the Black Market trading terminal anywhere on the map. With it, you and allies can receive two pieces of equipment from any source within a certain radius. Very handy for games of this genre, especially if you have a favorite weapon.

If you like to support allies, deal damage to enemies, and confuse opponents, there is sure to be something to suit your playstyle. Since the game is free, there is nothing stopping you from trying it.



In the heroic shooter genre, Overwatch is the undisputed leader. That's just for this game you need to pay. Once the king of this genre was Team Fortress 2. There are still a lot of players in it, but much of the popularity has remained in the past.

What do you know about Paladins? It's a free-to-play first-person shooter from the developer Evil Mojo, a division of Hi-Rez Studios. The game was released in 2016 and the gameplay was very reminiscent of Overwatch. Some even called her a clone. That may have been partly true then, but in 2021, this shooter has shown itself in a new way.

Paladins lets you choose from over 40 characters with unique abilities and weapons. These characters include fast assassins with sniper rifles, larger heroes with stout shields, powerful shotguns, and more. If you wish, you can play as a mad scientist fox who turns enemies into chickens.

Whatever style you choose, there are sure to be a few characters that you will like. Unlike Overwatch, this game provides three systems for changing secondary heroes: cards, talents, and items. Items and talents provide a wide range of effects. Among them are lifesteal, speed increase, additional abilities, increased attack speed due to damage reduction.

Different heroes have different talents and they are selected before the start of the match. Items are purchased with the currency that you will earn in matches.

Also, each hero has their own set of cards, which can be organized into sets outside of matches. The cards are similar to talents, offering temporary buffs and tweaks, but only four of them can be used at a time, and the combined effects can be more powerful than a single talent. With the help of cards, you can create special builds and change the style of play without changing the hero. In one match, you can focus solely on increasing the effectiveness of healing and support, in another you can increase damage or control enemies.

All these bonuses are available for free. Due to this, you can experiment with a set of equipment and not be afraid to miss something.

When a hero is selected and configured, you move to one of 27 maps. There are three game modes: Assault, Team Deathmatch and Payload. The first uses a ticket system. Each killed enemy gives the team three points, and control of the capture point in the center of the map provides one point per second. If a team scores 400 points or more than the opponent in 10 minutes, the match is won. This adds a new element to traditional game modes.

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Paladins is a good option for Overwatch fans who don't want to pay. For money, you can buy skins, sprays and other objects to change the appearance.

6. Destiny 2

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 was a superb first-person shooter when it first came out. Over time, the game has become even better. Now there are several extensions with numerous content, including free ones. There are raids, PvP modes, and an interesting main story that you can play alone or with two friends.

Apart from the variety of content, a great combat system is the basis for attracting players. The game is dynamic, most of the weapon options impress with their sound effects and beautiful graphics.

High-quality shooting mechanics are achieved without sacrificing weapon diversity. In the process of passing you will receive submachine guns, shotguns, sniper rifles, etc. Many of them have their own passive abilities and elemental effects that add tactical variety to battles.

Character progress depends on more than just access to weapons and armor. There are three different classes to choose from: the strong Titan, the mythical Warlock and the agile Hunter. You can quickly get a simple set of class-exclusive abilities and expand them with the unique abilities of selected subclasses.

This is a fantastic game for those who want an accessible MMO experience and sci-fi lovers.

7. Smile


Given the longevity of MOBA games, it's hard to come up with something truly new that would remain part of its genre. The creators of Smite managed to achieve this.

Here you and your comrades will fight as one of 109 gods from the mythology of different countries of the world. You can transform into Thor and strike your enemies with the power of Mjolnir, or put on the mantle of Artemis and bombard your enemies with fire arrows.

The game stands out not only for its characters, but also for its controls. Unlike most other games in this genre, here you will get a third-person camera with the ability to move around the battlefield with the WASD keys and horizontally aim with the mouse.

As a result, the game feels more dynamic than the competition, but that doesn't reduce its difficulty. You still have to gain experience and fight opponents, which requires proper teamwork.

Smite isn't trying to remake the MOBA genre, but it's still somewhat different from games like DOTA 2 or League of Legends.

8. Frost Runner

Frost Runner

All lovers of parkour will definitely like the computer game FrostRunner. Here you need to jump a lot, run, and the player himself is constantly in extreme conditions. Adrenaline just rolls over: you need to slip from the ice slides, move on platforms that travel at high speed. The game turned out to be spectacular, beautiful and dynamic. Here you can just slowly learn all the levels, and set records for the time to complete them.

9. Transmissions: Element 120

Transmissions: Element 120

In the game you can see the boring and gloomy streets of the city in the industrial area. Alien structures are located here, and you can also see a strange weapon that manipulates gravitational fields. Although the game will seem quite short, it quickly addictive, engaging, looks great. Here you can even get really scared.

10 Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop

Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop

Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop is an arcade game in which the player has to control an infantryman. You need to kill the aliens and try to survive until the end of the tour in order to move to the next level. You can play alone or in a group of up to 8 people. It is possible to pump a character, a significant arsenal is presented.

The best free Steam games in our opinion:

  1. Path of Exile
  2. Warframe
  3. Endless sky
  4. Apex Legends
  5. Paladins
  6. Destiny 2
  7. Smite
  8. Frost Runner
  9. Transmissions: Element 120
  10. Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop
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