When is a Volkswagen injection pump overhaul needed?

Volkswagen diesel engines are reliable and durable. The same can be said about high pressure fuel pumps. Most often, VAG cars use in-line or distribution pumps (less often main ones) of the Common Rail type from Bosch, Delphi, Zexel and Denso. Failures in their work are rare, but they happen, and the reason lies in the low quality of diesel fuel. Therefore, in our country it is worthwhile to diagnose the fuel system every 25-000 km of run, or immediately - when the “Check Engine” error lights up. It is also important not to forget to regularly drain the sediment from the fuel filter and replace the pump pusher every 30 thousand km. 

If you do not follow operational recommendations and delay with checks, you will need overhaul of injection pump in Kiev (it is known, after all, that many regional service stations send problem mechanisms to the capital). 

How to understand that the VAG fuel pump is in danger of overhaul

Indirect signs may be:

  • a sharp decrease in engine power or thrust
  • increase in acceleration and acceleration time
  • engine failure to respond to a smooth or weak pressure on the gas pedal
  • problems with starting the engine or its trimming
  • increase in oil level in the crankcase
  • ejection of fuel through the muffler
  • black exhaust color
  • fuel smudges on the pump housing and on the fuel lines
  • not typical fuel consumption data according to the on-board computer.

Symptoms are similar to signs of broken engine parts or a malfunction of the cooling system. Therefore, when these problems appear, it is important to go for diagnostics.

Diagnostics and overhaul

The check is carried out on a stand that simulates the operation of the fuel pump in operating ranges. 

Next, the fuel pump is disassembled. This is a complex mechanism and its system must be completely sealed. To do this, the dimensions of the parts and the gaps between them must correspond to the factory ones with an accuracy of microns. However, during operation, mechanical damage appears, which leads to a change in the geometry of components, rupture of gaskets and failure of seals. 

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Therefore, as part of a major overhaul, parts are measured, bored and ground. Specialists restore the geometric shape of all working mechanisms. 

Worn elements (discharge valve, shaft, plunger pair, oil seals, seals, RTI rings, gaskets) must be replaced. 

Next, the injection pump is assembled, the boost pressure is checked, the pump is adjusted. 

The last stage is testing at the production stand according to the factory test plan. 
It is this algorithm of actions that is followed in the auto center turbosto.com.uawhich allows us to provide customers with quality service with a guarantee. As a result, the restored fuel pump delivers fuel evenly and uninterruptedly and effectively atomizes it, without needing repair for a long time.

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