The main advantages of a turnkey apartment renovation

What is the benefit of a turnkey apartment renovation for a client?

Turnkey repairs can be performed both in the entire house or apartment, and in a separate room. It all depends on the needs of the customer. The essence of the turnkey service is that the whole range of work is performed by one company, from leveling the walls to wallpapering. The customer only needs to accept the project.  

The need for repairs may arise when buying real estate both in the secondary and in the primary market. The service, as a rule, includes all stages, from project development to the removal of construction debris. NSDgroup offers apartment renovation in Kiev and provides a guarantee for all types of work. 

Before the start of cooperation, the customer concludes an agreement with the contractor, where it is precisely prescribed:

  • list of services and prices;
  • real estate area;
  • location of housing;
  • rights and obligations of the parties. 

Benefits of ordering a turnkey service

By ordering this service from professionals, you save your time and effort. As practice shows, often self-repair drags on for months and even years. Moreover, you can do it only in your free time, which is often not the case for a modern person.

Why it is better to turn to specialists:

  • you and your family will not suffer from the smell of paint and the constant rumble of a hammer;
  • specialists make repairs much faster and strictly follow the project;
  • professionals guarantee the safety of your personal belongings. 

When the contractor runs the business, this process is greatly accelerated. You do not need to independently create an interior design project and spend energy searching for building materials. In addition, with a competent approach, you can achieve good budget savings. The fact is that all costs are negotiated initially, at the stage of project development. Accordingly, you can not worry about the fact that in the process of performing work, prices will increase dramatically. Also, the client has a chance to get a discount if he manages to negotiate with the contractor. 

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Turnkey repair, as a rule, begins with the development of a design project. This is a long and laborious process. It can take up to 5-6 months to create a project, depending on the complexity, area of ​​​​the object and work. Specialists spend a lot of time developing technical specifications for employees. 

Project creation includes:

  • data collection and property valuation;
  • development of preliminary sketches;
  • work with estimates and the formation of technical specifications;
  • creating presentations and 3D projects;
  • approval and implementation of the task. 

After assessing the premises and collecting data, a technical task is formed. Specialists make calculations of engineering communications. The terms of reference is the main document in accordance with which the progress of work will be controlled. Accordingly, the documentation must be drawn up at a professional level. 

The contractor then proceeds to calculate the estimate. First you need to determine the prices for the materials included in the design project. It additionally indicates the list of suppliers, transportation costs, if any, as well as the conditions for the delivery of building materials. 

The contractor's specialists are also developing a 3D model of the project. If it is done correctly and efficiently, then you can see the interior of the apartment in detail. After that, the project must be approved with the customer. If the client is satisfied with everything, the company proceeds to implement the task. Materials, accessories are purchased, specialists of additional profiles are involved, if necessary. When choosing a contractor, pay attention to the rating of the company on the Web and the reviews of other customers.

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