Full review of Huawei Band 6 in a new look

Full review of Huawei Band 6 in a new look

Spending-planning wellness groups are becoming more and more famous, and Huawei is poised to enter this frenetic market with its latest Band 6. With a tall AMOLED screen, fourteen-day battery life, and a range of health and well-being value-adds, the Huawei Band 6 is poised to be an eye-catcher. option unlike Xiaomi Mi Band and AmazFit Bip U Pro.

In many ways, the Band 6 looks like a slightly manageable form of the Huawei Watch Fit without the implicit GPS. The Watch Fit appears to be thinner, with a naturally tall AMOLED display on the front, but with a more minimal and lighter structural factor. It also has the same 9-10 days of battery life as the Watch Fit, which is a solid mainstay in Huawei wearables.

The Band 6 runs Lite OS, which provides most of the wellness and wellness experience found in more expensive Huawei wearables. It is also hampered by similar software hurdles, such as the inability to share information with third-party apps like Strava and limited customization. That being said, Lite OS stands out for its basic and easy-to-use user interface.

I think running watches ruined wellness trackers for me. Testing and researching first-in-class running watches like the Polar Vantage V 2 or the Garmin Enduro makes wellness trackers a little less…competent, so to speak. Most wellness trackers have a small screen, limited utility, and their sensors are usually little more than decoration.

However, from time to time I review a fitness tracker that tells me that there are no doubt good, cost-effective wellness wearables with good sensors and enough elements. Huawei Smart Band 6 is one such wellness tracker that successfully combines a worthy harmony between value, elements and attractive quality.


First of all, we have to discuss this "1,47% larger" 148-inch FullView AMOLED screen, which may look amazing from the start, but it's actually not just huge. All things considered, it's better than the limited presentation snippets found in humble wellness trackers. and it's bigger and also looks shinier and more functional than standard wellness group shows. The real purpose of the storefront is not so decrepit - 194 x 368 pixels. God, and even touching contact.

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There are many crazy watch faces to look at that further enhance the hue and magnificence of the bracelet: the favorite was the one that highlighted a bizarre feline with a duck on its head. Awesome.

The Huawei Band 6 weighs just 18 grams (without the whip) and its body is made from "durable polymer materials", mostly plastic, but at that point in time, most fitness wearers these days use polymer for packaging, so that's not a big deal. about the nature of the tracker. The Huawei Band 6 is rated at 5 ATM, so you should take it off when you shower and definitely shouldn't wear it for swimming.

Huawei Band 6 FEATURES

However, Huawei Band 6 offers much more than just a great screen. It can track heart rate day in and day out, much like a smart watch with major associations, with relative accuracy thanks to the innovative TruSeen 4.0 heart rate check technology, which "uses an optical focus point and AI-based information processing" to provide more accurate readings.

Heart rate readings are certainly not out of control, but rather wearing the Band 6 at all times is fundamental to getting the right readings. Also, all other things being equal, since this can be worn on the wrist, it probably won't be really accurate anyway. However, the next resting pulse (aka not working) seems excessive.

In fact, the Band 6 can also perform an "all day" SpO2 test. The whole idea of ​​checking blood oxygen is somewhat confusing, as I can't suspect that many people don't like it at all (mostly we believe so), but having this as an additional element on board is definitely not a problem.

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Other touch features include TruSleep 2.0 sleep tracking, and without a doubt, rest on the Huawei Band 6 seems to be really accurate, as well as the heart rest research area in the Huawei Health app. TruSleep can even provide you with revised rest reports if you wear a sleep strap more than twice a week.

BATTERY LIFE Huawei Band 6

The Huawei Band 6 does not have a built-in GPS chip that helps maintain battery life. The "as long as" battery life of around fourteen days isn't too bad, but it's not surprising either. I would say, given the value, I am absolutely not unhappy with how long he has held out in the midst of the allegations. Accordingly, the Fitbit Versa 3 will last up to six days, but it has a larger screen and, in addition, implicit GPS.


GPS tracking is assigned to a mobile phone, which you must carry with you in case you need the Band 6 to draw a guide to your appointments on the Huawei Health app. Indeed, even without a phone, the Band 6 can track the distance traveled with astonishing relative accuracy. I wore it for a run with a Polar Vantage M2, and the Band 6's individual upgrades weren't too far off.

Speaking of running, this is one of the 96 exercise modes that the Huawei Band 6 has, and it can estimate VO2 max in the same way, offer recovery time, and provide you with execution details/preparation of impact assessments, which is really not that terrible for wellness -tracker. During my testing, the Band 6 didn't show any huge fluctuations in either heart rate or speed, which is basically all we can ask for from a wellness bracelet, especially in this range.


Probably the best thing about the Huawei Band 6 is that it doesn't try to be a running watch or a savvy, all things considered, the Huawei Band 6 makes a valiant effort to be the best health tracker and, accordingly, it ends up alone. Sure, it's thinner and more strap-like than regular multisport models, but compared to other wellness trackers, its best features really set the Band 6 apart from the competition.

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