Designing and configuring a wireless Wi-Fi router Huawei WS318n

Designing and configuring a wireless Wi-Fi router Huawei WS318n

The WS318n switch supplied by Huawei is an advanced value for money network device. It offers 300Mbps bandwidth (Wi-Fi). The Huawei WS318n switch, combined with its unusual sign, can be a great organization in the workplace or at home. Due to the installation of two external receiving wires in the switch and performing the LDPC calculation, the dividers are convenient for Huawei WS318n. Link+'s unique operation allows the customer to interact advantageously with a second switch for increased signal strength and increased coverage.

Modern design, online comfort

router huawei ws318n due to its moderate plan and white matte finish, it does not require storage in carefully hidden places. Its advanced configuration is further enhanced by the ease of use of an organization. With a data transfer rate of up to 300Mbps, the Huawei WS318n Remote Switch provides smooth Internet surfing, 4K movie watching, and immediate start playing web games.

Hi Link App

Huawei's HiLink cell phone application greatly improves the switch design process. The app provides the customer with many potential outcomes, such as monitoring the network status, calling supervisors, changing the Wi-Fi name and passphrase, and controlling children's Internet access.

How to set up WS318n as a wireless switch for my old router

If you have a wired switch in your home but also require a remote organization for your mobile phones, you can set up the HUAWEI Router WS318n to act as a remote switch.

Assuming you already have a wired switch at home and also require a remote organization for your mobile phones, you can set up your HUAWEI WS318n router to act as a remote switch.

  1. Channel connection: Use an Ethernet channel to pair the blue port (WAN port) on the HUAWEI WS318n router with the LAN port on the old switch. Turn on your HUAWEI WS318n router.
  1. Connect a computer to the dark port (LAN port) on the HUAWEI WS318n router, or use your computer to communicate with the Wi-Fi organization on the HUAWEI WS318n router. Enter in the address bar of the program to enter the online administration page of the HUAWEI WS318n router.
  2. Log in to the Internet connection page. Select Bridge in Internet Mode. Click Save.
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Assuming this happens whenever you first develop your HUAWEI Router WS318n, you need to complete the Internet Connection Wizard before you can proceed to the Internet Connection page. In the Internet Binding Wizard, your Switch can distinguish between Dial-up or Auto-get IP Internet access mode. You can choose "Skip" to avoid this, and after that change the Internet access mode to the connection mode in "Connect to the Internet".

Now your HUAWEI WS318n router can be used as a remote switch, and your phone, tablet and computer can be connected to the Wi-Fi organization on router HUAWEI WS318n.

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