What is IPSO and how to counteract it

What is IPSO and how to counteract it

In the modern information society, along with the development of digital technologies, new threats and challenges have emerged, among which IPSO (information crime using a computer) occupies a special place. IPSO is a form of information warfare where misinformation and manipulation are aimed at people in order to cause panic and destroy social stability. In this article, we will look at what IPSO is, its origins, known examples and ways to counter this information war.

What is IPSO and its origin

IPSO, or computer-assisted information crime, is a form of information warfare where criminals use computer technology and the internet to spread disinformation, manipulate, and create panic among the population. This form of IPSO has emerged as a result of the development of digital technologies and universal access to information. Criminals, based on psychological mechanisms, seek to control the information space and inspire certain ideas and beliefs in people.

Examples of well-known IPSOs

There are many known IPSO examples where misinformation and manipulation were used to create panic and destroy social stability. Some of them include:

  1. Spreading False Information About Emergencies: Criminals can spread false reports about terrorist attacks, epidemics, or other emergency events to cause panic and chaos among the population. Such cases often lead to panic behavior, exodus and disruption of law enforcement.
  2. Social Media Manipulation: Criminals use social media to spread misinformation and manipulation. They create fake accounts and groups where they publish fake news, fake photos and videos, the purpose of which is to cause panic and division in society.
  3. Influencing Elections and Political Processes: IPSO can be used to manipulate elections and political processes. Criminals can spread false news about candidates, run disinformation campaigns, and create conflict between different political groups.
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The fight against IPSO

Countering IPSO requires a collaborative effort between society, governments and technology companies. Some ways to deal with IPSO include:

  1. Awareness Raising: Educating and informing the public about IPSO methods and tactics is a key factor in combating this threat. Regular awareness campaigns, seminars and trainings will help people develop critical thinking and distinguish truth from lies.
  2. Cooperation with social media and technology companies: Governments and organizations should actively cooperate with social media platforms and technology companies to detect and remove false information and fake accounts. The introduction of machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence will help automate the process of detecting IPSO.
  3. Information Verification and Fact-Checking: It is important to develop a culture of information verification and use fact-checking organizations to validate news and reports.


IPSO is a serious threat to society when misinformation and manipulation are directed at people, causing panic and destroying social stability. The development of critical thinking, awareness raising, cooperation with technology companies and the use of fact-checking mechanisms are important steps in the fight against IPSO. Maintaining information security and protecting against manipulation requires the joint efforts of society as a whole.

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