Varieties of chargers

By type of design, all charging products for batteries are divided into inverter and transformer options. They differ from each other in the principle of operation, structure and other characteristics. Each of them works in certain conditions and has its own advantages.

Transformer appliances occupy itself. Most of the charging equipment. There are many options from different manufacturers. The advantages of such models are the reliability and endurance of products, they work stably and without interruptions. There are some disadvantages. These include - the lack of automatic settings, all data must be entered manually. The products are quite large in size and heavy, especially with high capacity.

Pulse devices (inverter) are characterized by compact dimensions, not very large mass and not very high cost. They are easy to use, as there is an automatic mode (determining the battery model, the degree of charge). Modern ROMs independently designate the parameters for optimal operation. There are disadvantages, which include sensitivity to voltage drops in the network. This may cause interruptions in operation.

If charging is required for a lead-acid car battery, then any type of equipment from the store will do. For AGM batteries or gel batteries, only a pulse device is suitable.

Battery Charging Methods

The choice of charging method depends on the specific device. There are such methods:

  1. Charging with direct current is considered the fastest and most efficient compared to other methods. In a short period, you can charge the battery even with a large capacity. This option has a drawback - the rapid rate of battery wear due to the high heating of the electrolyte.
  2. Constant voltage charging is also applied to equipment. This method has its drawbacks. Charging takes longer than the previous version. Unfortunately, they cannot fully charge the equipment, as the voltage drops at the end of the working cycle.
  3. Automatic or combined charging method. This is the modern way. From the beginning of the process, the battery is charged using direct current, and at the end of the cycle it is connected to constant voltage. This optimizes the entire process. The disadvantages inherent in the first two methods are excluded. Therefore, it is more profitable to buy a high-quality device for charging a combined type.
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