10 best washing machines of 2023

Best washing machines 2020

Thanks to one of these washing machines you will always have clean and fresh clothes.

Buying a washing machine is a responsible business. Since it should make your life much easier, you need to choose the option that best suits all your needs. We decided to help you with the choice and present the best washing machines of this year.

If you're looking for a powerful washing machine that will remove the toughest stains and give your clothes an instant fresh look, these front-loading and top-loading washing machines are the best you can buy.


LG WM4,5HWA 3900 Cubic Foot Front Load Washing Machine


The advantages of this model:

  • It does an excellent job of removing stains;
  • Fast cycles.

Cons of this model:

  • The control panel is cluttered and not as intuitive as other washing machines;
  • The door only opens to the left.

If you are looking for maximum bang for your buck, the LG WM3900HWA washing machine will not disappoint you. Based on our extensive assessment, LG is one of the most trusted washing machine brands as it currently ranks first in both product quality and service quality in the US Customer Satisfaction Index. Over the past 3 years, the brand has won more JD Power Customer Satisfaction Awards for home appliances than any other manufacturer, and its washing machines require less first year maintenance than most other brands. LG was also the second most popular washing machine brand by Puls repairers, behind only Whirlpool.

The spacious 4,5 cubic foot drum has enough room for a week's worth of a king size blanket or dirty clothes.

Using this model is simple - press the power button, turn its single knob to select your cycle (there are 13 of them, with the ability to download more using your smartphone), then press the start button. There's an additional touchpad to adjust the water temperature, spin speed, as well as a few buttons to trigger specific settings such as an extra rinse, a steam function, or enabling LG's exclusive TurboWash setting. I wish the control panel used physical buttons, Wirecutter's editors also complained that the washing machine's control panel was difficult to use in the dark.

This washing machine can handle large volumes of dirty clothes in a short time by combining rinse and spin cycles and spraying a mixture of detergent and water directly onto clothes with five nozzles. It can cut wash times in half and clean a normal load in just half an hour. There is also a steam plant to reduce common household allergens by over 95%, making it very beneficial for people suffering from asthma and allergies. This model is equipped with an internal water heater sufficient to kill germs, dust mites and parasites.

You can also control your washing machine with your smartphone, Google Home, or Amazon Alexa speaker. This feature will come in handy if you start washing while on the way home. When the wash is finished, the machine will also send a notification to your phone.

Another plus is that the washing machine is incredibly energy and water efficient – ​​it will cost you about $10 a year to run. Overall, this washer is perfect for removing stains effectively without harming your clothes, and it's also reliable and costs around $1000.

Electrolux EFLS627UIW 4,4 Cubic Feet Front Load Washing Machine

Electrolux EFLS627UIW

The advantages of this model:

  • Heavy-duty cycle and SmartBoost remove virtually any stains
  • Has a slot for loading laundry detergent bags.

Cons of this model:

  • A little louder than other washing machines;
  • Some of her cycles can last over 2 hours.

The Electrolux washing machine was first on our list at first, but we found LG to be a more reliable brand.

The advantage of this model is that the controls are simple and not cluttered or confusing as LG can be. This washing machine has only nine cycles compared to 12-20 cycles of other models. We also like its handy dispenser that can hold disposable detergent packs, making it a great choice for those who prefer to use Tide Pods.

But what makes Electrolux stand out is its SmartBoost feature. Typically, a washing machine uses an additional water pump that pre-mixes detergent or fabric softener with water, which is then evenly distributed over your clothes. This ensures that every fiber in your load is exposed. It even uses steam to remove dirt from your clothes and bedding.

The 15-minute quick wash cycle comes in handy when you're in trouble and need to do a quick wash before leaving the house. There's also another exclusive "StainSoak" feature that selects the ideal combination of drum, detergent concentration and temperature to remove a range of stains you select from the washing machine's intuitive display, including complex substances like blood, chocolate and red wine.

The Wirecutter editors stated that this model removes more stains than any other washer they have tested. The staff at Reviewed.com also named the Electrolux their best washing machine overall.

This 4,4 cubic foot front-loading washer has an average wash cycle of 47 minutes, while its heavy-duty cycle can take over 2 hours - a little slower. In comparison, LG offers a TurboWash setting that cuts wash times in half to 40 minutes while still delivering the same performance as a regular cycle.

However, the pros outweigh the cons and we remain confident that this Electrolux model is worth recommending. The washing machine is packed with features, impressive cleaning performance and an elegant design.

Samsung WF42H5000AW 4,2 Cubic Foot Front Load Washing Machine

Samsung WF42H5000AW

The advantages of this model:

  • An extremely affordable model.

Cons of this model:

  • No steam cleaning or high temperature disinfection cycles.

If you're willing to put up with fewer cycles and more volume, and forego some extra features at a much more affordable price, this front-loading washing machine from Samsung is a great choice for those on a budget. It has a large capacity of 4,2 cubic feet and a beautiful white stainless steel finish.

Samsung front-loading washing machines rank #XNUMX in customer satisfaction according to JD Power's laundry research. The brand is also the third most trusted brand for Yale and Puls appliance repairers.

With this washing machine, you will only get seven basic cycles. There are no sanitizing cycles for allergy-prone or high-speed cycles like Electrolux's or LG's TurboWash cycle we mentioned earlier. There is no built-in steamer to kill bacteria, so it's also not ideal for washing cloth diapers. If these features are important to you, choose the LG WM3700HWA, it lacks the TurboWash feature but still has a steam feature and costs less.

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This Samsung is even cheaper. It's an easy-to-use, energy- and water-saving washing machine that just works. Its heavy-duty cycle can take an hour, but it will remove grass stains and dirt with no problem.

This washing machine should meet the needs of most users, who will appreciate its good looks and stellar price. Reviewed's senior lab assistant agrees. He called the washing machine efficient and overall a good choice.

LG WM9000HVA 5,2 Cubic Foot Wi-Fi Front Load Washing Machine


The advantages of this model:

  • You can remotely monitor the washing status and even stop cycles using the smartphone app.

Cons of this model:

  • Expensive and bulky.

At 9000 inches wide and almost 29 inches deep, the LG WM34HVA is an insanely large washing machine. It features a huge 5,2 cubic foot drum, making it a good option for large families and those who wash a lot of towels or linens. This machine handles large piles of dirty clothes with less stress, saving you the time, hassle and stress of a laundry day. It is so large that one load can fit a large blanket and a full set of bed linen.

In addition to being huge inside and out, the washing machine delivers impressive performance. It does an excellent job of removing stains, has 14 wash cycles and five temperature settings to suit your needs. We appreciate the addition of quick, sanitary and allergy wash cycles. The last two use steam or hot water to kill dust mites, pet dander and bacteria.

This washing machine has everything you need to make your laundry less tiring and life a little easier. You can connect your LG to a great app to track your washing progress, adjust cycles, soil levels and water temperature. The washing machine is quiet and incredibly fast - a typical cycle takes just over half an hour. It even features LG's TurboWash feature and uses powerful high pressure jets to wash your clothes quickly.

It's worth mentioning that LG is selling an even larger variant of this washing machine called the LG Signature WM9500HKA. We don't think it's worth spending the extra money on a bigger 5,8 cubic foot machine.

LG WT5,5CW 7800 Cubic Feet Top Load Washing Machine


The advantages of this model:

  • It is very roomy, with a volume of 5,5 cubic feet - one of the largest in its class;
  • Wi-Fi enabled.

Cons of this model:

  • Long wash time.

Top-loading washing machines do not clean as thoroughly as front-loading washing machines, and they use significantly more water and energy. But if you're looking for a top-loading washing machine, the LG WT7800CW is the best you can buy.

If you are lazy, don't sift your clothes and just throw them not in the laundry basket, but directly in the car, LG will be your salvation. It features a large 5,5 cubic foot drum that can handle the heaviest loads. While it has enough space and strength to clean large volumes, its standard cycles aren't the fastest (some take over an hour to complete). This can make a laundry day a bit long, especially if you have multiple tasks to do.

To compensate, LG has a TurboWash setting that saves up to 20 minutes. It combines rinse and spin cycles with dual nozzles to spray a concentrated detergent solution directly onto your clothes to remove stains and cut cycle times to less than 40 minutes.

Another great cycle called "Cold Wash" uses cold water and heavy strokes to effectively clean your clothes. The tub and motor of the washing machine rotate independently and in opposite directions, which creates a powerful stream of water that causes clothes to rub against each other. This provides the efficiency of warm water cleaning with the added benefit of saving energy. This washing machine also does not have an agitator, which reduces the risk of damage to clothes.

For allergy sufferers, we recommend the more expensive LG WT7900HBA top loader, which features Allergiene's signature cycle and hot water heater that eliminates 95% of pet dander and dust mites. However, given this washing machine's large drum, quietness, and wide range of features, we think it definitely deserves your attention.

Washing machine FlexWash 6,0 cu. ft Samsung WV60M9900AW

Samsung WV60M9900AW

With a total capacity of 6,9 cubic feet, this twin washing machine from Samsung is sure to please large families who need to conquer mountains of laundry. Samsung has a 5,8 cubic foot front-loading large drum in addition to a separately controlled 1,1 cubic foot mini washing machine upstairs.

This washing machine is very similar to the LG TwinWash we mentioned earlier. The mini washing machine will hold four T-shirts, three pairs of sweatpants or 25 smaller items such as bras, underwear and socks. If you want to use warm water for the top washer and cold water for the bottom one, you can do that too.

Whether you're washing bed linen or outdoor clothing, there's sure to be a cycle (12 in total!) for your needs. Some cycles use a built-in steamer to remove stains, and since the washing machine has an internal water heater, hot water reaches 153 degrees Fahrenheit, which is enough to kill bacteria. Another big plus: this washing machine is Wi-Fi enabled and sends push notifications to your smartphone when a cycle is complete!

Our sister site Good Housekeeping named this washing machine a top choice due to its flexibility and excellent cleaning performance. The front loader does a great job of cleaning up whatever you throw at it, it's gentle on fabrics, and it saves water and energy too. The mini washing machine is ideal for quick washing of delicate or lightly soiled items.

Another selling point: this washing machine is simply stunning and comes in either black or white stainless steel. Samsung really pays a lot of attention to detail and it shows; The washing machine's large touch display is attractive and easy to use.

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LG WT7300CW 5,0 Cubic Feet Top Load Washing Machine


The advantages of this model:

  • Great unit for a low price.

Cons of this model:

  • Not as economical and gentle as other washing machines.

If you're looking for a top-loading washing machine but on a budget, we recommend the LG WT7300CW. It combines the features and performance of more expensive models at a much more affordable price and will still look great in your laundry room. It even has a pointed glass lid so you can see the washing machine do its magic without interrupting the cycle.

The washing machine, which is also Wirecutter's best choice, has 14 cycles for delicate fabrics, linens, deep wash and more, and you can choose different temperatures for washing and rinsing. This option has a TurboWash 3D feature that creates a powerful jet of water that makes your clothes collide with each other without the bumps and excessive vibration that a stirrer can provide. This makes it an effective washing machine for removing stains and yet gentle enough for delicate fabrics.

We were happy to see that the washing machine has Wi-Fi connectivity, making it easy to check the status of your wash or run cycles remotely. Best of all, however, it offers wearers a generous 5 cubic feet of storage so you can easily handle loads of laundry.

BLACK + DECKER BPWM09W Portable washing machine


The advantages of this model:

  • Has a fast spin cycle that helps shorten the drying process.

Cons of this model:

  • Short hoses and power cord.

If you're renting and your landlord won't pay to install a washing machine (or if you don't have enough space or the necessary connections for a full-sized model), you should purchase a portable washing machine.

This small yet powerful unit from BLACK+DECKER is perfect for those who want to avoid laundry at all costs. Bathtub with a volume of 0,9 cubic meters. ft. may not be the largest, spins fastest, and may not even be the most effective at removing stains, but it's affordable, energy efficient, and doesn't require any special electrical or water connections. In addition, you can place it almost anywhere as it takes up little space.

It is also one of the few portable washing machines that has multiple spin cycles for your items. You have a choice of heavy, gentle, normal, fast and soak modes. The washing machine comes with a sink adapter and a drain hose. Best of all, it spins quietly and doesn't vibrate, so it won't disturb you or your neighbors at night.

Samsung WF45K6500AW AddWash 4,5 Cubic Foot Front Load Washing Machine

Samsung WF45K6500AW

The advantages of this model:

  • The AddWash door completely changes the layout.

Cons of this model:

  • Smart features are not as intuitive as LG's.

If you're looking for an affordable, efficient and luxurious washing machine, this is Samsung's choice. It features an impressive 4,5 cubic feet capacity and a very convenient Super Speed ​​cycle that finishes a wash in just 30 minutes. Best of all, this washing machine has a unique mini door on the top that allows you to add extra items even after you've started a wash cycle.

The washing machine connects to your smartphone and alerts you when the rinse cycle starts, so you can add pre-washed items to rinse. The door will also come in handy for adding extra fabric softener and air removal after each cycle is completed.

The washing machine has a total of 14 cleaning cycles and also has a built-in water heater and steam function for superior cleaning. It's stackable, compatible with the Samsung Laundry Stand, and runs silently. You have a choice of white or black.

We also reviewed the GE GFW850SPNRS multifunctional front-loading washing machine, which has been praised by Reviewed.com and Good Housekeeping for its cleanability, automatic detergent dispenser, and innovative ventilation system that aims to eliminate and prevent odor build-up. at the drum

Ultimately, we came to the conclusion that it is better to buy Samsung. While both models have an internal water heater, GE has a slower normal cycle that lasts 20 minutes longer, and its bed linen cycle isn't as effective at cleaning sheets. Also, GE usually costs a lot more. We only recommend GE to customers who prefer its sharp sapphire blue finish.

Washing machine Bosch WAT28400UC 300 Series

Bosch WAT28400UC 300 Series

The advantages of this model:

  • Its narrow design will fit into the tightest spaces.

Cons of this model:

  • Expensive.

The Bosch 300 is the best compact washing machine for those who can't fit a full size washing machine in their home.

Unfortunately, the smaller size doesn't translate into a lower price. However, this front-loading Bosch washing machine is a stylish washer with a fast 1400 rpm spin speed and short cycles. At 2,2 cubic feet, it's half the size of our top-ranked model, but it can carry a 15-pound load, which is the equivalent of 6 towels. The cleaning efficiency is high and the washing machine should have no problem removing stains.

It offers users 15 different cycles, from delicate to heavy, and there is even a cycle specifically designed for denim. We were pleased to see an additional hot water cycle for allergy-prone users who need a washing machine to kill germs and dust mites. Similar to LG's TurboWash setting, Bosch boasts a SpeedPerfect mode that cuts wash times by up to 40%. Features such as anti-vibration round sidewalls and EcoSilence motor keep it quiet.

We also reviewed the Miele TwinDos washing machine, which costs almost twice as much. While Miele offers users an automatic detergent dispenser, Wi-Fi connectivity, and plenty of dedicated wash programs to choose from, we think you're better off choosing Bosch.

According to Yale Appliance, Bosch is the more reliable brand. Only 4,2% of Bosch compact washing machines required maintenance, compared to 10,41% for Miele. Samsung also sells the WW22N6850QX compact washing machine with a 9,33% maintenance rate. Buy a Samsung only if you prefer its black design to the all-white look of Bosch, or want to take advantage of its steam and Wi-Fi connectivity.

We really hope that our article will help you make an excellent choice and a washing machine worthy of praise will settle in your house.

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