A Brief Overview of Popular Subwoofer Models

A woofer is a must-have speaker if you want rich, deep bass. Thanks to the subwoofer, music recordings become more driving and energetic, as they better reproduce the sound of the low-frequency spectrum. If you want to enjoy music without losing tonal hues across the entire frequency range, choose the right subwoofer model. Below are subwoofers the most popular models.

Yamaha NS-SW200 - the best among budget

This model attracts audiophiles because of its compact size, stylish design and modern technology. Among them:

  • Twisted Flare Port;
  • digital amplifier with pulse-width modulation;
  • Advanced YST II.

The Twisted Flare Port is a redesigned bass port that delivers clear and powerful bass. The port of the phase inverter is made in the form of a slightly twisted horn, which dissipates air turbulence, smoothing the air flow. Due to this feature, the level of extraneous noise is reduced, and a clear reproduction of low frequencies is ensured. As a result, you will hear the most realistic bass.

The 250W Pulse Width Modulated Digital Amplifier features a high level of efficiency and minimal power consumption. It does not have an output filter coil, which ensures low noise and distortion. The dual feedback circuit reduces distortion by using the feedback twice.

Advanced YST II - This technology uses a negative impedance, constant voltage mechanism, which increases the efficiency of speaker control. This technology provides a more stable and accurate reproduction of low frequencies.

Incredible sound quality is complemented by a stylish design - a monolithic shape, rounded edges of the front and side panels.

Paradigm Prestige SUB 1000SW - small but bold

One of the best models in the premium segment, despite its compact size, breaks the space with deep bass. Whether you're watching action, wildlife movies, listening to music, or playing games, the lower range sounds sound exactly as the director intended. Live performances and studio recordings sound no less colorful, thanks to the clean and powerful bottoms.

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The compact cube-shaped subwoofer takes up little space in the room, and its sophisticated design will fit into any style of interior.

Each sub comes with two sets of feet - sharp for soft floors, anti-slip for smooth floors.

Breaking bass is provided by a built-in 1700 W amplifier. Bass frequencies can be adjusted manually or automatically, depending on the acoustic characteristics of the room.

The case is made of amorphous MDF panels, with enhanced anti-resonance characteristics, so you will not hear distortions and vibrations.

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