Boxing: pros and cons

Boxing: pros and cons

Boxing has been one of the most popular sports for many years. It combines the strength of the body and spirit. During the fight, arm movements, evasions and defensive maneuvers mainly alternate. Kicks are prohibited.
There is still debate about what it brings more: benefit or harm. After all, during the fight, athletes often get dangerous injuries. Next, we will talk about the pros and cons of this sport.

Boxing Benefits

1. Sports training

Boxing classes provide good sports training. In boxing clubs, beginners must be taught all the necessary techniques that will help not only in a fight in the professional arena, but also in an attack or a street fight. However, it should be remembered that skills can only be used for self-defense, and not attack.

2. Muscle strengthening

Boxing helps to strengthen and develop the muscles of the whole body, especially the arms, which are most involved in combat. Also, as a result of regular training, the body's endurance improves, balance skills develop, and speed increases.

3. Gaining confidence and self-esteem

Boxers often note the fact that in the process of training, self-confidence grows noticeably. Training builds character. Along with the strength of the body, the strength of the spirit also increases.

4. Relief from stress

For many, sports help to relax and “throw out” stress after a hard day. This applies to boxing as well. Often sparring is a kind of relaxation and reset for athletes.

5. Finding new acquaintances and friends

It is better to look for new friends in those places where people with similar interests gather. The boxing section can also become this place. Rarely, when training goes without jokes and conversations. At such moments, there is a rapprochement of people, which often develops into a strong friendship.
In addition to all of the above, boxing develops creative thinking, develops discipline skills, relieves stiffness and timidity, and also brings up responsibility and independence.

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1. In professional sports, injuries and other health problems are common.
2. The impossibility of conducting independent training without a qualified trainer.
Usually in amateur fights, athletes do not cause much harm to each other, so do not be afraid to try your hand at boxing. Under the supervision of a professional trainer, training will be safe and interesting.

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