The best electric scooters of 2024: what to buy

The best electric scooters of 2022: what to buy

Electric scooters are a popular means of transportation. It may have different functionality, cost. There are many offers on the market, so the main task is to choose the best option. We will tell you what to look for when buying, consider the TOP electric scooters.

Weight and dimensions

The weight of an average scooter is about 13 kg, but there are lighter and heavier options. If you are interested in a powerful all-terrain model with wheels of at least 10 inches, it will weigh from 25 kg. The heavier the scooter, the more reliable and stable it is.

Check the folded dimensions before buying - especially if you carry an electric scooter in the trunk of your car. Plus, the model must fit the rider in height.

deck and steering wheel

Good electric scooters have adjustable handlebar height. The top point should be just above the waist. If it is lower, the back will quickly get tired, if it is higher, the control will become difficult.

The dimensions of the deck determine the comfort of the ride. If it is short, the rider transfers their body weight to the handlebars. Try on the width of the deck to fit the size of the leg, but remember - the larger it is, the worse the maneuverability.

Frame Design Features

If you study popular electric scooter reviews, you will notice that there are two types of frames - one-piece and folding. In folding, the working mechanism is located at the point of articulation of the body with the steering wheel. Such scooters are easy to fold and store. Check the criterion at the time of purchase - the folding process should not create problems.

The one-piece frame is more powerful, durable, although in terms of storage and transportation, folding is inferior in terms of convenience. When buying, focus on what is more important to you.

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Types of electric scooters

Main categories:

  • Adult models are bulky and heavy.
  • Children's - a mini-copy of adults, wheels are usually 3, not 2.

Removable seats may be convenient for young riders. The speed of movement of children's models is lower than that of adults. Among full-size electric scooters, there are SUVs and city options. Urban models are equipped with small wheels, suitable for driving only on smooth asphalt surfaces. If you usually ride off-road, look for massive solutions with large tires and a good level of cushioning.

Suspension and wheels

The best electric scooters are equipped with wheels from 7 to 12 inches. The larger the diameter, the higher the permeability of the model. But remember - large products make the electric scooter heavier.

5-8 inches are wheels for children's models and city light scooters. 10-11 inches are able to smooth out the bumps in the roadway. All wheels larger than 14 in diameter are classified as non-standard. For example, 20-29 inches are inflatable models for fatbike solutions.

If we talk about the types of wheels, then the following options are available:

  • Cast with perforated holes. If you use an electric scooter with polyurethane tires, you can ride for a long time without service work.
  • Solid solid models. They are ideal for smooth asphalt surfaces and high-speed driving. The price for maneuverability will be high rigidity.
  • Chamber pneumatic tires. They are hollow inside, inflated with air. For off-road, there is no better option.


Motor wheels are a lightweight, practical option for city driving. Chain drives are installed mainly on heavy models. Power must be sufficient to develop high speeds. Motors up to 250 W equate riders to pedestrians (there is a corresponding clause in the legislation of the Russian Federation).

Popular Models

The rating of electric scooters will allow you to choose the best option for you. Price categories:

  • medium - $ 350-600;
  • budget - cheaper than $ 350;
  • premium - $600 or more.
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You will not lose if you stop at the technique of a well-known brand.

Halten Tony v.2

The first place in the TOP of electric scooters went to an inexpensive but practical model. The price is no more than 24 thousand rubles, the maximum speed is 30 km / h. A good choice for young riders, girls. The charger is small, it lasts up to 4 hours.

KUGOO Max Speed ​​500W

An electric scooter with a comfortable orthopedic seat at a price of about 30 rubles. The battery charge lasts up to 50 km. Cons - the lack of turn signals, brake lights (retrofitting will help).

Ninebot KickScooter Max G30P

The model for 45 thousand rubles belongs to the premium class. It is equipped with a powerful engine, gives fast acceleration and starts. The wheels are 10" and are puncture resistant. A high-quality depreciation system is installed at the back - the scooter will pass through any off-road. The battery will last for 65 km.


Electric scooters are convenient, environmentally friendly transport. They are much more environmentally friendly than a car, in comparison with a bicycle they are universal in use. When buying, look at the frame type, wheel sizes, brand, power and other technical parameters.

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