Choosing the perfect balance bike for your child

Choosing the perfect balance bike for your child

The child should be healthy, active and energetic, regular walks in the fresh air and constant movement contribute to this. Difficulties come after 2 years, when it is no longer possible to put the baby in the stroller, the only solution in this case is children's transport. One of the most popular at the age of 1,5 to 5 years is a balance bike. No matter how the people call it, we are talking about small-sized wheeled vehicles equipped with a seat on which you can develop, pushing off the ground with your feet, the desired speed.

Convenience and ergonomics made this type of transport popular for young children 15 years ago. But this is in Europe, we have a balance bike appeared relatively recently. Initially, he was perceived as some kind of under-bicycle, but it is he who serves as a good help at a time when the child is learning to balance. This skill must be developed for comfortable cycling and scooter riding. Even on the latter, at first it turns out to be quite difficult to balance, since only one leg acts as a fulcrum.

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It is even more difficult to learn how to ride a bike while maintaining balance, pedaling and not forgetting about the brakes. Of course, as an alternative, you can try using a bicycle with three wheels, but from the point of view of physiology, it is not very convenient. It turns out that as a first vehicle for a child, a balance bike is an ideal choice. The advantages can be listed for quite some time, the main ones are:

  • Ease of learning. There is no need to learn how to ride a balance bike at all, since any child is able to intuitively understand how it works.
  • Comfort of use. Such a vehicle is distinguished by its small mass. Usually, it weighs no more than 5 kg, thanks to which the child can easily drive such a transport, the mother, if necessary, takes him in her arms.
  • Physical development. Moving on such a vehicle is an excellent leg muscle training, even the most restless child enjoys walking in this way. Further, a new skill of maintaining balance already comes, after a few months of such skating, the child already lifts his legs off the ground in order to put them on the bandwagon.
  • Safety. The structure of the balance bike, equipped with a low frame and small wheels, does not allow the child to fall. Even if he accelerates strongly enough, at any moment you can slow down with both feet.

The main subtleties of choosing a balance bike depending on the age of the child

You can go to choose a balance bike when the child is 1,5 years old. In any case, such transport should be suitable for age characteristics. A balance bike is not bought for growth, otherwise it will not arouse interest, and will be mastered at the age for which it is intended in the future.

Runbike in the form of a wheelchair

This solution is suitable for the smallest children. Of all types of transport, it is the most stable due to the presence of 3 or 4 wheels. The frame is made of plastic or aluminum, located relatively low from the ground. If it is adjustable in height, then quite a bit.


Another balance bike for older children, designed for kids 3 years old. Its main distinguishing feature is two wheels, but wide enough for the vehicle to stand on the ground without support.

The modular design allows you to quickly and effectively learn how to balance. These balancers include plastic motorcycles. When purchasing it, it should be borne in mind that such transport is enough for one season, the plastic will be completely worn out over the summer.


One of the modern models that can be used for several years. Initially, this is a three-wheeled balance bike, which can then be converted into a two-wheeled one. When choosing a model for growth, you need to pay attention to models made of aluminum, thanks to which the frame is transformed and the seat height is adjusted. Such a balance bike can be used in the period from 1,5 to 5 years.

Standard balance bike

This option is equipped with two wheels, this is a transport without pedals, which can be used by children from 2 to 5 years old. It has thin wheels compared to a balancer, and therefore this solution becomes the best for those who wish to learn how to balance. Such models are minimally equipped, their frames are made of plastic or aluminum, there is a steering wheel and wheels - inflatable or polyurethane. This is enough to learn the basics of confident driving on two wheels.

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What criteria should you pay attention to when choosing a suitable balance bike

Certain parameters should be taken into account when choosing a suitable balance bike for a child. First of all, this is the length of the child's legs or step measurement. Thanks to these parameters, the height of the vehicle is selected, one on which the baby will feel confident and be able to reach the ground with his feet. The frame material is another important criterion, it should be expected that plastic bike races are lighter and more comfortable, but not reliable enough. For several years it is better to choose analogues with metal equipment. This is aluminum, and for children over 4 years old, steel.

The mass of the balance bike is another parameter that you need to pay attention to. Everything is simple here, the weight in kilograms should approximately equal the age of the child in years.

The wheels of such a vehicle are made of plastic, polyurethane or rubber. If the first is designed for one season, then polyurethane and rubber are universal solutions.

The ability to adjust the seat and handlebars should be considered if the balance bike is going to be used for a long period of time. This function allows you to "stretch" one model from 3 to 6-7 years, after which you can already purchase a two-wheeled bicycle.

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