Top electric shavers of 2024: which one to buy

Top electric shavers of 2022: which one to buy

In recent years, choosing the right razor for you has become a daunting task. There are a huge number of different models on the market. We bring to your attention a rating of electric shavers that are worth buying in 2022. The list includes both budget models and premium options. The main thing is the perfect value for money. High-quality shaving, minimum irritation for the skin of the face, reliability and ergonomics are the distinguishing characteristics of the models presented in the list.

The list will include both rotary and grid models. In the first case, the knives rotate, they are more suitable for hard bristles. In the case of mesh knives, the knives vibrate in different directions. If you choose a model for sensitive skin or for a teenager, it is better to pay attention to mesh devices.

Philips S1332

Our top electric shavers include an excellent rotary model, one of the most popular from Philips. Popularity is easily explained. Shaving is easy and comfortable, all thanks to the durable PowerCut blades. The heads move in four directions, therefore, the device is able to follow the contours of the face. The device is equipped with a capacious battery - in offline mode, the razor can work for 45 minutes. If the battery is dead, you can always connect to the network. The design is ergonomic, there is a clearly working trimmer that allows you to adjust the mustache. Easy to clean - can be rinsed with water.


Our review of electric shavers continues with the products of the Italian company GA.MA. The GSH 860 is a decent model that is capable of both mains and battery operation. Up to 50 minutes of battery life. Beards and mustaches are easily trimmed with a trimmer. The design is stylish, and other features include smoothed head edges and a double track system. The device weighs quite a bit - only 160 grams.

Remington R3000

If you are interested in the best electric shavers, you should pay attention to this rotary model. They did a great job on the design, resulting in a stylish black-red-silver razor. Ergonomics of the case at a high level. Both a clean cut and the possibility of creating a three-day stubble are possible, since there is a special nozzle. If you want to get rid of long hairs, correct your beard - for this you need a folding trimmer. There is no battery, the razor is powered by the mains. Affordable cost combined with reliability - this is the best electric razor for your money.

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Braun 3020s Series 3

Now let's move on to grid devices. This is a popular and relatively inexpensive model that copes with any bristle with great efficiency. Achieve an excellent shave thanks to MicroComb technology. There is also a mustache trimmer. The case is waterproof, the battery life after an hour of charging is 45 minutes.

Wahl 8164-116

A professional device from a well-known American brand. If you are wondering which electric shaver is the best, you should pay attention to this particular device. She does a great job with a classic shave, if you need to shave your neck or correct your temples - also a good option. The nets are hypoallergenic, providing ideal protection against irritation. It is not necessary to press the razor, light contact is enough. Another important advantage of the device is its long battery life, up to 80 minutes. The maximum cutting height is 0,4 mm, but you can buy special nozzles. This device weighs only 160 grams.

Philips S6610/11 Series 6000

If you're looking for the very best electric shaver, look no further than Philips. Such devices are ideal for a comfortable shave, minimal irritation. Thanks to the support of Aquatec technology, both dry and wet shaving is possible. Multiflex heads float in five directions. No skin irritation, and thanks to the unique MultiPrecision blades, hairs are cut quickly. There is a special mode in which the knives rotate at a slow speed.

This electric razor works offline, the duration is up to an hour. It also takes just 60 minutes to fully charge the battery. If you're looking for a good electric shaver, this is the one for you. It has a stylish black and blue design, is ergonomic and has a display that shows when cleaning is needed. The package includes a cover.

Philips S5589 / 38

This device belongs to the middle class. The design is stylish, there are Philips signature features. Good rotary model, brown-black body. The charge indicator is displayed on the LED display. There is a triple shaving system, thanks to the movable heads, shaving is especially high quality. The device is equipped with self-sharpening SteelPrecision blades. SkinIQ technology is also supported, thanks to which the power automatically adjusts to the bristles.

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This best electric shaver for men is water resistant and can be rinsed under running water, a good solution for wet shaving. The battery lasts an hour, the battery needs to be charged for the same amount of time. However, it is not necessary to do this for so long - just put it on charge for 5 minutes, this is enough for a shaving session. In the presence of a high-precision built-in trimmer, there is a nozzle with which you can easily adjust the length of the cut. The package includes a hard case.

Beurer HR 8000

Great all purpose electric shaver. Battery life is one hour. You can see the charge indicator on the LED display. The set includes a beard trimmer and a pop-up trimmer. The design is spectacular, the device has excellent ergonomics. The case is waterproof, if necessary, it is easy to rinse under the tap. The device comes with a two-year manufacturer's warranty.

Panasonic ES-LT2N

A great option for those who prefer high-quality mesh models. The device is high-quality, high-tech, efficient. One of the most interesting features is the multi-movable 3D head. There is no need to put pressure on the skin, a light touch is enough. Even naughty short hairs are easily removed. It turns out to achieve the most clean result in just one pass. Note that the device has a special sensor that monitors the density of the bristles.

Panasonic ES-RF31

Another device from Panasonic that excels in quality. Wet and dry shaving is comfortable, the hairs are removed as close to the root as possible. Thanks to the floating heads, it is possible to cope with stiff bristles without any problems. The case is waterproof - if necessary, you can wash the razor under the tap. It also has a large battery that charges quickly.

TOP 10 electric shavers:

  1. Philips S1332
  2. GA.MA GSH 860
  3. Remington R3000
  4. Braun 3020s Series 3
  5. Wahl 8164-116
  6. Philips S6610/11 Series 6000
  7. Philips S5589 / 38
  8. Beurer HR 8000
  9. Panasonic ES-LT2N
  10. Panasonic ES-RF31
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