The best radios for hunting, fishing and entertainment

The best radios for hunting, fishing and entertainment

Portable radio stations are an indispensable accessory for fishing, hunting, tourism, active pastime in nature. In order not to make a mistake with the acquisition of a useful attribute, it is worth considering the features of the most popular modern models, studying the selection criteria. You can buy good walkie-talkies in different price ranges by looking at their technical specifications.


Walkie-talkies are convenient devices for ensuring coordinated actions of two or more persons. This is true for hunting, when people need to constantly stay in touch. Do not do without miniature devices and fishermen, who are comfortable on large reservoirs, rivers, reservoirs. With the help of walkie-talkies, these fans of fishing can exchange information about the bite, the best places. You can't do without them at a club trip to nature.

Outdoor enthusiasts also use portable radios to move around in groups, but not to lose contact with each other, with instructors, and the base camp. Car owners often replace traditional mobile phones with these devices. Especially long-range walkie-talkies are in demand on long trips. Couriers and taxi drivers choose these devices to negotiate without having to stop driving. Sitting in ambush, hunting in a swampy or forested area - everywhere you need reliable and easy-to-use, good inexpensive walkie-talkies.

Features of choice: what criteria to consider

The range of signal reception and transmission is an important aspect when choosing walkie-talkies. It depends on the power ratings. It is recommended to buy devices that output 4-6W or more. The higher the score, the more stable the connection. This is especially important for hunting, and not for fishing. In the latter case, there are no water barriers for sound waves. Other options for choosing radios include:

  • frequency range - LPD and PMR are allowed in Russia;
  • body quality - some models have rubberized elements, protected from moisture and shock;
  • number of channels;
  • brand - well-known brands include Argut, Berkut, Vertex, Motorola, Vector and other manufacturers;
  • additional functions - for example, voice activation, manual frequency entry for quick tuning, autoscan.
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Charge indication, battery capacity, antenna type (removable or fixed), the ability to connect a miniature headset - these factors are also taken into account when buying. A good walkie-talkie for hunting and fishing, long car trips and other tasks must remain reliable, demonstrate stable communication in open areas.

The best walkie-talkies for anglers and hunters, tourists

The popular Motorola DP1400 model is an ergonomic solution for an active lifestyle. It does not have a keyboard and is programmed from a computer, it operates in a wide frequency range (146-174 MHz; 403-410, 417-422, 433-450, 469-470 MHz). The transmitter power is 2-4 watts. Support for "analogue" and "digital", high quality communication, reliability of the housing and the ability to operate with Ni-Mh and Li-Ion batteries are the main advantages of the model. If you are interested in the best radios for tourism, you can consider other options:

Yaesu VX-6R
  • Yaesu VX-6R - enclosed in a magnesium alloy case, withstands underwater diving to a depth of one meter, has a compact body and a keyboard for programming frequencies. Good signal reception and a wide range of additional functions are important advantages of the model. The presence of an orange backlight helps to use the device in the dark. If you need the most powerful walkie-talkie, you can purchase this option with up to 5 watts;
  • COMRADE R6 DIGITAL - convenient and inexpensive solution with scrambling support, good autonomy, simple operation, without a keyboard;
  • ICOM IC-F16 - has an output power of up to 5 W with a decrease to one watt in the absence of the need for "range". A compact model that can not boast of advanced functionality. But it's great for hunters because it works in the VHF band, 136-174 MHz (ideal for wooded areas);
Vertex VX-261
  • Vertex VX-261 - Another simple walkie-talkie that works on pre-installed 16 channels. A small and easy-to-use model is in demand due to its energy-intensive battery (2300 mAh).
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The smallest walkie-talkie does not always have the necessary technical parameters, sufficient power and autonomy. Therefore, do not chase small sizes. And the quality of the materials of the body of the device needs to be paid attention. Hunting and fishing may require models with protection and in extreme conditions. Motorola TLKR-T80 Extreme is a convenient set of two walkie-talkies in one "bowl" for charging. This is an option with maximum protection against moisture, dust and shock. Bright colors, a built-in flashlight, no need for registration are the main advantages of walkie-talkies from a well-known brand. Long operating time without recharging is also one of the advantages of this model.

Before buying portable or stationary communication equipment, you should study all the features and characteristics. You can find a detailed review of the walkie-talkie, compare several options, read reviews about their use. By comparing the cost and quality of devices, you can choose the best solution for hunting, tourism, fishing and other tasks.

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