4 tips for choosing a warehouse automation system from Quantum

4 tips for choosing a warehouse automation system from Quantum

The success of the business directly depends on the competent automation of warehouse processes and logistics operations, and it does not matter what field of activity we are talking about. Every year, competition is growing, especially in the field of trade, which also affects the requirements of the consumers themselves. Therefore, in order to be in demand on the market, you need to make every effort to optimize the enterprise.

Now there are quite a lot of various programs and modern equipment for this, but the most popular and effective in this case is WMS warehouse automation. Such software quite successfully solves many warehouse tasks: it reduces logistics costs, increases labor productivity, optimizes distribution processes, etc.

However, this system, in turn, is divided into certain subspecies, which also include the use of special equipment. And if you want to make the right choice, it does not hurt to know what criteria should be used to select an automation system.

4 tips for choosing a warehouse automation system:

  1. For small businesses or retail outlets with the same type of products, a boxed version is suitable. This is the most accessible and simple system that does not require much effort and preparation for implementation in the repository. But its biggest disadvantage is limited functionality, and therefore not every company is suitable, and if you want to develop, you will need to buy new software.

  2. Medium warehouses can use the adaptive view. The difference from the first option is the ability to refine such a program, introducing new functions depending on the requirements of the customer. Such a system is more expensive, but is considered universal.

  3. If we are talking about an enterprise that has a complex structure and an incredibly huge range of operations, including unique ones, software is developed to order according to the characteristics of the warehouse itself. This is the most expensive option, which, nevertheless, has proven to be effective.

  4. In order to optimize the work as much as possible, it is advisable to pay attention to additional equipment in the form of a voice control system, barcoding, a printer, etc. This will also increase productivity and simplify many processes.

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And you can find all this at Quantum. This is one of the best developers of an efficient warehouse automation system, which is part of the Quantum Software international holding group and is very popular in the world market. It offers a tailor-made turnkey project using unique knowledge in the field of computer science, logistics and management. Thanks to this, their portfolio includes more than 600 projects.

Source: quantumint.com

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