Video advertising on YouTube: what is it, why and who needs it

Video ad format is the most popular online advertising trend in 2020-2022. By most entrepreneurs, YouTube commercials are not seen as effective or expedient. If you would like to learn new advertising options, attract more of your target audience, but are afraid to try new things, this article will help you.

What are the features of video ads on YouTube?

YouTube is one of the largest platforms - coverage in Ukraine is 80% of users who have access to the Internet. What is especially important, the majority of the audience are users who actively shop on the Internet, with an income above average.

Every day, tens of thousands of videos of various topics are uploaded to bloggers' channels, which are viewed by the target audience. Successful bloggers on YouTube turn on monetization, which allows businesses to integrate advertising through the Google Ads network. Running ads with this network opens up more options for targeting your target audience.

The main advantages of running advertising through Google Ads:

  • the minimum entry threshold — the commercial can be filmed and edited on a smartphone;
  • fine-tuning for different segments of the target audience;
  • monitoring the effectiveness of advertising by views;
  • detailed analytics for analysis and optimization.

If you would like to order advertising on YouTube, but don’t know where to start, Nikolay Lukashuk will provide you with detailed advice on this issue. Commercials are created taking into account the specifics of the company. To get a more effective return, videos are configured in conjunction with contextual advertising.

What types of ads can you run?

You can run ads on YouTube in two formats: banner ads and video ads.

Banner ads are not much different from regular banner ads on other sites. Banners will be displayed according to thematic or audience criteria, and the system will choose which users and when to show them. If you're interested in individual YouTube bloggers, you can run ads on their channels if they have monetization enabled.

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Video advertising is divided into three formats. For the implementation of performance tasks, the TrueView In-Stream format is primarily considered. These are videos that can be skipped after 5 seconds of viewing. Payment is withdrawn if the video is viewed for at least 30 seconds or the user clicked on the link in the video.

Bumper Ads is a short 6 second video that cannot be skipped. These videos are often used before or after TrueView, as a teaser for an upcoming ad or product reminder.

Video Discovery is a clickable link banner that is displayed on YouTube in response to user requests.

Nikolay Lukashuk and their team will help you determine which video format is right for your company. If there is no material for the video, you can count on help in creating promotional videos. Video advertising should interest the viewer from the first seconds, so we create the most "catchy" videos.

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