Is the cost of ps4 pro justified and is it worth buying this version?

Is the cost of ps4 pro justified and is it worth buying this version?

From the day it went on sale and now you can buy ps4 pro, all Sony fans are wondering: is it worth buying a new console and how does the advanced version differ from the “fatki”? In this review, we have collected useful information about what innovations there are, what has changed in hardware, productivity and graphics. We will try to give an answer when it is worth switching from FAT to Pro and how justified the cost of the new version is.

What is the difference between ps4 pro

  • The eight-core Jaguar in the Pro modification operates at an increased frequency of 2,1 GHz, which increases performance compared to the "fat" by as much as 30%. The number of computing installations was also increased: the previous 18 were replaced by new 36, which ensured a performance increase of 130%. The developers also expanded the memory - 1 GB DDR3 for related processes and system needs, and the bandwidth of GDDR5 increased by 24%. The USB version also received changes: now it is a 3.1 modification with enhanced Wi-Fi functions and an updated fourth Bluetooth nano version.

  • Visually, the console has also undergone changes. "Proshka" is shorter than "fatki", but higher and wider, which makes it possible to conveniently place the device on furniture. According to fans, the developers managed to solve the problems that users had due to the non-compact size of the “fatka”.

  • The quality of the plastic has also been improved. The main feature is a non-marking coating that is resistant to scratches and other mechanical damage. Ps4 pro looks more expensive and using the device has become an order of magnitude more pleasant.

  • The gamepad, which fans love for its functionality and comfortable grip, has undergone minor changes. The developers slightly changed the zones under the buttons, otherwise the DualShock 4 remained the same as it was - just perfect.

  • Many games have released additional updates for the Pro, such as increasing the frame rate to 60 fps. But for games that have not released updates, Sony developers have come up with their own "goodies" - a special mode can be activated in the console settings.

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What the fans are saying

Admirers of the Sony brand, and those who have experience using not only Sony, but also the Xbox, noted the good quality, performance, and most importantly, the perfect combination of the console with high-resolution 4K TVs. Steady video frame rate, excellent picture and stable gameplay are provided by the resolution "related" to Pro. From what we can conclude: The PlayStation 4 Pro is right for you if you plan to connect it to the appropriate monitor or choose the first console in your life.

If you are thinking about switching from a fake to a “firmware”, there is a good chance that you will not see striking differences. The properties of the picture and the graph that Pro gives in relation to the price are a controversial argument to change the already good FAT to an advanced version, especially if the money issue is acute.

But if the issue of budget is far from paramount for you, you can safely buy an advanced version and enjoy the gameplay. Note that buying a new console is not necessary. The secondary market offers a lot of options, among which you can find quite decent consoles in good condition with savings of up to 50% of the cost.

Of course, before buying a used playstation, you should carefully check the working condition, ideally, arrange a personal meeting with the seller, with the ability to connect and start the console. Do not rely solely on visual inspection. Still, a game console is a rather complex device, and not all malfunctions can be caused by external damage.

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