Linoleum commercial and semi-commercial

Due to its practicality and aesthetic appearance, linoleum is considered the most popular flooring. It can be found in rooms of various types, such as: bedrooms, living rooms, office and shopping centers. In addition, this finish perfectly serves in passenger trains, semi-open pavilions, terraces, verandas. If the type of material is chosen correctly, it will not lose its appearance and integrity for many years.

The best solution would be to buy flooring in PolMall, which is a well-known online store for these products in Ukraine. In its assortment there is a wide selection of linoleums of different types and wear resistance classes. Today, commercial and semi-commercial types of this flooring are very popular with buyers. 

Features of commercial linoleum

Commercial linoleum is used for arranging floors that often have to be subjected to high mechanical stress. The material for the production of such linoleum is durable polyvinyl chloride with a certain amount of additives. With the help of modern technologies, it has become possible to produce a material that can withstand a load of up to 5 tons per 1 m².

It is worth noting that commercial linoleum can be homogeneous (homogeneous) and heterogeneous (multilayered). The first type is a baseless elastic canvas, the thickness of which is not more than 3 mm. The material has a durable decorative pattern. In the second version of the coating, the thickness reaches approximately 6 mm. Regardless of the type, this linoleum has high performance characteristics:

  • wear resistance;
  • good sound insulation;
  • fire safety;
  • long period of operation.

Benefits psemi-commercialOn linoleum

Semi-commercial linoleum combines the advantages of two types of linoleum: commercial and domestic. The wear resistance class of the finish is high and varies from 31 to 34. This flooring is able to withstand high mechanical stress. In view of this, semi-commercial linoleum often used in public buildings. The cost of such material is usually higher than the household counterpart, but lower than the commercial one.

The main advantages of a semi-commercial coating include resistance to:

  • wear;
  • mechanical load;
  • moisture;
  • aggressive environments.
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In addition, this type of finish is characterized by the best sound and heat insulation, as well as a long service life (more than 10 years). As for the technical characteristics, it all depends on the strength class of the coating. For example, for offices that have a small client flow, it is recommended to purchase semi-commercial linoleum in the PolMALL store with strength class 31. In rooms with a high level of traffic, floor material with class 34 showed itself well.

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