How to apply for an urgent loan

Applying to banks for a loan is always a long and complicated procedure. Financial organizations of this kind require the collection of a package of documents, the provision of a certificate from the place of work. Consideration of the issuance of funds may take 1-2 business days. And this does not negate the fact that loans are issued to bank customers only in the case of 35-45% of all applications. The rest, having spent a lot of time on paperwork, traditionally get rejected. In situations where it is necessary to get guaranteed urgent credit card, you should choose popular online services for microloans.

7 benefits of applying to Top Credit

  1. Quick response to inquiry

    The whole procedure - from the moment of application to the transfer of credit funds - takes only 7 minutes. On the site, consideration of borrowers' questionnaires takes place automatically. Clients do not suffer from the human factor like a personal interview with a bank employee. Here, everything is decided by the operational check of the user in the databases. And if the candidate is suitable, then the credit is transferred to the card urgently.

  2. In a few clicks

    Applying for a microloan on the site takes little time, and the procedure itself is simple and intuitive for a client of any age. It is enough to select the loan amount, set the date for the return of funds, fill out a short electronic questionnaire and confirm your account using the SMS code. In just a few minutes you will know about the decision on your loan.

  3. Minimum bounce

    Since Top Credit specializes in issuing small amounts, the requirements for customers are minimal. It is extremely rare for users of the service to receive a refusal when accessing the site. It is important to know that an old negative credit history is not the reason why you cannot get a new loan. Rejection is received by those clients who currently have ongoing unpaid debts.

  4. Without certificates and guarantors
    • a scan of a valid passport;
    • scan of identification code;
    • active mobile number that can receive SMS with a code;
    • a valid card of any Ukrainian bank.

      To apply for a credit card urgently, the service user needs to provide a minimum of information and documents. You do not need to take a certificate from the official place of work, you do not need guarantors and the presence of collateral for credit funds.

  5. Registration without calls

    An online loan does not require communication with a manager or confirmation of identity over the phone. The entire procedure for processing and issuing funds takes place without calls - exclusively online. You can apply around the clock and even at night get the amount you need on the card.

  6. Redemption without fees

    If the client has the opportunity to pay off the debt before the designated loan term, then this can be done without commission repayments. Payment will be calculated exclusively for the days of using the microloan. There are no hidden fees and deductions on the service.

    The client can also use the partial repayment service. In this case, interest is calculated on the total balance of the loan body after its partial payment.

    Need to defer payment? If you make payment only for interest, then the term for closing the loan will be automatically extended for the client.

  7. Credit calculator
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Term microloans provide an opportunity to choose both the amount of credit and the repayment period. An online calculator is installed on the site, which immediately allows you to calculate the final amount payable, based on the size of the loan and the number of days to repay it. Clients select the best conditions for themselves and submit an application with the possibility of lending from 500 to 15 UAH at a time.

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