Spare parts for phones and tablets: where to buy

Modern gadgets greatly simplify a person's life. However, even the most expensive devices can fail. As a rule, a breakdown occurs at the most inopportune moment. In this case, you need to know where to buy the right parts. Having bought spare parts for phones and tablets from VibroPlus, you can quickly and efficiently restore the device. All components sold in the online store have a reasonable price tag and are as compatible as possible with the models for which they are intended.

Touchscreen for smartphone

Modern mobile phones are equipped with a touch panel. This is a very convenient option, but as soon as the touchscreen breaks, further use of the device becomes impossible. On the market, components for smartphones are presented in a wide range, but often the declared characteristics do not correspond to reality. Yes, and binding to a particular brand can be a falsification. Therefore, you need to contact a point of sale with an impeccable reputation, where the risk of getting a defective part is reduced to zero.

 The main sign that the touch panel is out of order and needs to be replaced is the phone's immunity or command distortion. According to the type of device, touchscreens for smartphones are divided into three types:

  • resistive (the simplest and most inexpensive option, which most often fails);
  • acoustic (the most expensive type of panels, you can give a command with any object);
  • capacitive (have low accuracy, cannot simultaneously perceive several clicks, recognizes touches only with conductive objects).

Vibro+ online store offers touchscreen for smartphone directly from manufacturers, this guarantees the high quality of products and minimizes the risk of buying a counterfeit part.

Touchscreen for tablet

For many users, a tablet is as important as a mobile phone or laptop. This gadget is convenient to carry in your hands and bag, use in transport. If it breaks, then life ceases to be so comfortable. The most common malfunction is problems with the touchpad. Touchscreens for tablets are similar to keyboards for PCs. Clicking on a certain icon on the screen is a click on the touchpad.

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If the device stops responding to commands or executes them selectively, then the touchscreen is most likely damaged. How to understand that it is the panel that is broken, and not the screen? When there are no spots on the display and the image remains intact, it means that the matrix is ​​not damaged. If there are no stripes and cracks on the screen, but the gadget incorrectly executes commands or ignores them altogether, then you should think about repairing the touch panel.

Buy touchscreen for tablet or phone is better at a proven point. This is an important point, as defective or counterfeit parts may not fit the device, and you will waste your money. Choose those stores where a guarantee is given from the manufacturers, in this case the risk of acquiring a fake is minimal.

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