How to watch the X-Men movies in order

How to watch the X-Men movies in order

The X-Men series of films about mutant superheroes is loved by many comic book fans. Unlike other films based on Marvel comics, the events of this series developed separately from all others, but the studio recently announced the inclusion of this branch in the overall Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Now we recommend refreshing the memory of the events of the films, but first it is worth understanding exactly in what order you need to watch X-Men. The problem is that the project was restarted several times, the new creators did not try to follow the chronology of events in the films that had already been released, so when viewing the series in accordance with the release dates, the viewer may have a misunderstanding of the plot twists. The characters get older, younger and change from movie to movie. Another feature of this particular series is that within the plot, mutant heroes travel through time, change the events of the past, and this is reflected in the present. In this way, different time lines and branches are formed.

The advantage of this series is that there are few films in it, when compared with the same Marvel Cinematic Universe, so every fan of science fiction based on comics can spend a few days looking through all the creations about mutants and sorting out the chronology of events. During the New Year holidays, holidays, it's time to arrange a weekend with a good movie and figure out for yourself how to watch X-Men.

Chronology of films according to their release dates

If you want to watch the series exactly by release dates, then you should adhere to the following chronology:

  1. "X-Men" (2000)
  2. X-Men 2 (2003)
  3. "Last Battle" (2006)
  4. "Start. Wolverine (2009)
  5. "First Class" (2011)
  6. "Wolverine: Immortal" (2013)
  7. "Days of Future Past" (2014)
  8. Deadpool (2016)
  9. "Apocalypse" (2016)
  10. "Logan" (2017)
  11. Deadpool 2 (2018)
  12. X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019)
  13. "New Mutants" (2020)

The series was launched more than 20 years ago and then there were no clear plans for its continuation. But now viewers can appreciate how the characters and the concept of the entire series have changed. Screenwriters, directors and actors have changed, but for most of the films in this series, such changes have benefited. You can watch the X-Men movies in order or by date of filming.

Many viewers compare X-Men to MCU films. This series wins significantly in the opinion of many, because the division into positive and negative characters is conditional here. Magneto, who serves as the main antagonist in many creations of the series, used to be a superhero too. The same can be said about Mystique, who in some films fights shoulder to shoulder with Professor Xavier, and in others she acts as a clear anti-hero. But every villain in the X-Men series has a clear rationale for their actions and life choices. The fact that the films raise questions about the inner experiences of the characters, their struggle within themselves, also becomes a significant advantage of the franchise.

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How to watch X-Men movies in chronological order

The chronology of the X-Men films is clearly tracked if you watch them not by release date, but in the following order:

  1. "First Class" (2011)
  2. "Days of Future Past" (2014)
  3. "Start. Wolverine (2009)
  4. "X-Men" (2000)
  5. X-Men 2 (2003)
  6. "Last Battle" (2006)
  7. "Wolverine: Immortal" (2013)
  8. "Apocalypse" (2016)
  9. "Dark Phoenix" (2019)
  10. Deadpool (2016)
  11. Deadpool 2 (2018)
  12. "New Mutants" (2020)
  13. "Logan" (2017)

If you follow this order of viewing "X-Men", then the viewer will understand many of the actions of the characters and their prerequisites.

"X-Men: First Class"

This film shows the first meeting of Professor Xavier (Professor X) with Magneto. The year is 1962, in the midst of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Against the backdrop of these events, Charles Xavier, along with his childhood friend Mystique, meets another mutant - Magneto. Together they manage to influence political events in the world, prevent a serious catastrophe, but when the question arises about the future of mutant heroes, friends disagree on this matter. Magneto and Mystique are sure that ordinary people will eventually take up arms against mutants. Professor X disagrees with them.

"Days of the past future"

This film combines the events of the past and the future. Logan travels back in time to correct the mutants' mistakes made in 1973. In this way, he is trying to change the events of the future, because the world has turned into ruins, where both ordinary people and mutants are forced to hide from robots subordinate to the system to combat the X gene.

When the world learned of the existence of mutants in 1973, Magneto's predictions that ordinary people would persecute mutants came true. Bolivar Trask, a scientist who deals with this problem, creates the Sentinel system, which is designed to look for individuals with a mutational X gene. He conducts experiments on mutants. The Mystic finds out about this and, in a fit of anger, tries to kill the scientist. It is she who must be stopped by Logan, who went on a journey through time to save the future. Another of his tasks is to unite Professor X and Magneto, preventing them from becoming enemies. It is this film that radically affects the chronology of "X-Men", changing the events of the past and the future.

"X-Men: The Beginning. Wolverine"

The history of Logan's formation and joining the X-Men is shown in this film. Wolverine, who was born back in the 1800s, has the ability to regenerate, just like his brother, Sabretooth. Thanks to this, they actually received immortality. Together they fight, survive, until they become members of the military team X. Due to internal intrigues, the brothers turn into enemies. Wolverine is not ready to become an insane weapon in the hands of the military leadership. He manages to free himself, but the price is his own memory, which Logan loses due to injury.

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Magneto tries to recruit Wolverine and his new girlfriend Rogue to join the Brotherhood of Mutants, but Logan meets Professor Xavier, who reveals Magneto's plans to him. Together they try to counter Magneto and his plans to turn all world leaders into mutants.

"X-Men 2"

The X-Men need to confront William Stryker. He hates all mutants, although his own son has the X gene. It is him that he sends to Xavier's school, so that the guy, thanks to his telepathic abilities, takes control of the creation of the professor. Stryker reveals the secrets of his past to Wolverine, which leads him to team up with Magneto in the fight against a warlord who hates mutants.

"X-Men: The Last Battle"

The so-called "mutant cure" appears in the world - a drug that suppresses the X gene. This entails a new round of struggle between the followers of Professor Xavier and Magneto. Each side has its own reasoned opinion regarding the future of mutants, which they defend.

"Wolverine: Immortal"

Depressed after the events of The Last Stand, Wolverine lives in the Canadian outback until he is found by a man Logan rescued during World War II. He tries to draw Wolverine into a plot to gain mutant immortality.

"X-Men: Apocalypse"

After Logan altered the events of the past in Days of Future Past to save all of humanity, an alternate X-Men timeline emerged. The year is 1983, the Mystic becomes the hero of all mankind. She is forced to become the leader of the X-Men in order to defeat Apocalypse.

"X-Men: Dark Phoenix"

This film shows the reason for Mystique's transformation into a Phoenix. Due to a failed operation by the X-Men in space, Mystique absorbs a huge force of energy that he can't control, and which completely absorbs it, turning him into a Phoenix.

Deadpool and Deadpool 2

Wade Wilson is a mercenary who is unaware of the existence of a mutant gene, but he wakes up when an experimental cancer drug is being tested on the main character. Transformed into a mutant, Wilson takes on the name Deadpool and fights nemesis by teaming up with some of the X-Men.

"New Mutants"

This film concludes the X-Men sequence. Its release was postponed several times due to the coronavirus pandemic that has swept the whole world. It tells the story of five young mutants who are yet to discover their powers. They are kept against their will in a secret facility, forcing them to develop superpowers.

By watching the X-Men films in this order, you can sort out the chronology of all the events. In the future, we are waiting for new adventures of mutant heroes, but first you should look at those pictures that have already been released on the screens.

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