7 ways to cast video from your phone to your TV

7 ways to cast video from your phone to your TV

A smartphone is a multifunctional device that combines the functions of several devices. The phone partially replaced the TV, but it cannot do it completely, because of its compactness. Movies, videos and photos are more enjoyable and convenient to watch on the big screen. Many people have all the files stored in the phone's memory, and they wonder: "how to broadcast video from the phone to the TV?" To watch your favorite movies and photos on the big screen, you need to connect devices to each other. This will turn your smartphone into a multimedia center. There are several connection options.

Smart TV or Miracast

Manufacturers of modern TVs often advertise the Smart-TV function. In reality, this function can vary greatly. On some devices, a full-fledged operating system is installed, capable of broadcasting the phone screen to a TV, while on others, the function of connecting USB drives has been added. But we are interested in the Miracast function.

In the settings on the TV, activate the Miracast option. On your phone, open settings, display tab, and enable the wireless monitor or display option. On some phone models, finding this feature is not so easy. In this case, use the search. Find your TV in the list of suggested connections. After connection, the TV screen will display images from the phone display.


Broadcasting from your phone to TV using an HDMI adapter allows you to duplicate high-resolution images. The adapter must have an HDMI connector and a plug suitable for your phone. Connect devices to each other using an adapter. On the TV, select the HDMI port as the signal source. After that, the image will automatically start to be duplicated on the TV.


This streaming method is suitable for iPad or iPhone owners. To connect, you need the AirPlay function on the TV. Connect the equipment to the same Wi-Fi network. Turn on AirPlay in the settings on your TV. On the toolbar of the smartphone, click the icon "Screen mirroring". Select your device from the list of suggested devices. The first time you broadcast, you need to allow the connection. Sometimes the system requires you to enter a pin code. It will appear on the TV, and you need to enter it on the iPhone.

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If your TV model does not have the AirPlay function, then an Apple TV set-top box will be required for connection. The connection principle is the same as AirPlay. You need to configure the connection not to the TV, but to the Apple TV.


You will need a Google Chromecast to connect. Connect your device to your TV via HDMI and USB charging cable. All appliances must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. On the TV, switch the input signal through the HDMI port. Download the Google Home app on your phone to control the set-top box. After installing the application, sign in to your Google account and follow the instructions for the initial setup. Start playing the video by clicking the broadcast icon on the toolbar.


In this connection method, broadcasting to a TV is carried out through a router and a home Wi-Fi network. The TV is connected to the Wi-Fi router using a wire, and the phone is connected via the network. Turn on the DLNA option in the TV settings. Select the desired file on your phone. Select TV as the player.

For more advanced settings and broadcasting content from other resources, download the media server application. On the Google Play Internet site, there are various programs for broadcasting from phone to TV, for example, BubbleUPnP or Web Video Cast.

Wi-Fi Direct

To connect, you need a smartphone and a TV with Wi-Fi Direct. Transferring video from the phone to the TV is carried out directly via a Wi-Fi network, without the participation of a router. Turn on Wi-Fi Direct in settings. On your phone, in the settings, go to the tab wireless networks, Wi-Fi. Turn on Wi-Fi Direct. Select your TV from the list of available devices. On your phone, select the desired video and send it to your TV via Wi-Fi Direct. This method of translation has the disadvantage of a low file transfer rate.


Casting your phone screen to a TV using a USB port is easy. Connect the devices to each other with a USB cable. Select the USB port as the source. The phone may ask you to confirm the connection. After that, the files and folders that the TV recognizes will appear on the TV screen. Find the files you need and start playback.

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In this connection method, the phone is used as a flash drive. Therefore, only those files that are stored in the smartphone's memory can be played back.

Which transmission method to choose

AirPlay, Chromecast, and HDMI are the current ways to cast video content from your phone to your TV screen. USB, DLNA, Wi-Fi Direct are legacy methods that come with significant drawbacks. The final choice of a method for connecting a phone to a TV should be made taking into account the capabilities of your equipment.

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