Phone tapping: how to determine it and whether it is possible to get rid of it

Phone tapping: how to determine it and whether it is possible to get rid of it

Phone tapping is, unfortunately, not a myth, but a very real threat, so you definitely need to know how to identify it.

How to determine if the phone is being tapped

In fact, wiretapping of the phone has certain signs by which it can be identified. For example, it happens that the gadget "independently" turns on and off, re-registers on the Web. If the user inattentively installed and configured unverified applications and programs, this situation is normal. Otherwise, this means that the device can be operated without the knowledge of the owner.

Spyware, which is secretly installed in a smartphone, literally eats up the entire battery. It works constantly, and therefore constantly uses battery resources. So if he quickly sits down - this is an occasion to think.

A hot battery is another sign. Especially when the smartphone just lies, and is not connected to the Internet in high-quality video viewing mode. The fact is that malware needs a lot of resources, which heat up the battery.

So how do you know if the phone is being tapped? Everything is quite simple: you need to be attentive to your gadgets and fix oddities in its work. Like a delay, a backlight that stays on for a certain amount of time when turned off, or the phone simply refuses to turn off, all of these are signs of possible eavesdropping.

Another sign is strange sounds when talking with an interlocutor. They are not like those that are due to low signal strength. Such sounds are more like extraneous noises and gurgling. At the same time, the interlocutor can be heard normally. The conversation is not interrupted. Some users note that it seems to them that the subscriber turned on the speakerphone on the phone.

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A delay in connecting or ending a call indicates that malware has appeared on the phone that records conversations. So this is one of the options for checking for wiretapping.

Often the user notices that his traffic consumption has increased. If the data is sent via the Internet, then this is easy to notice: special applications that control traffic consumption will help with this. Built-in phone control is not an option here.

The main ways to check the phone for wiretapping

If there are corresponding suspicions, it is important to know how to check the wiretapping of the phone. One of the ways available to any smartphone user to detect wiretapping is the use of special codes. It is worth noting that this method can detect a violation of privacy rights only in the case of redirecting information to another phone number. There are also a number of smartphone programs that can help you find out if the current conversation is available to intruders or is encrypted. But here it is important to choose proven software so as not to achieve the opposite result.

If this is important, then how to find out if the phone is being tapped and how to get rid of listening? You need to use one of the methods that are offered to owners of modern gadgets.

Getting rid of wiretapping: how to do it

The most effective way to remove software wiretapping is to reset the phone to factory settings and delete all data. This may seem inconvenient to the user, but inconvenience is not such a high price for the security of personal data.

It is also extremely important to know not only how to understand that you are being tapped, but also how to protect yourself from such wiretapping in the future. It is extremely important here not to leave the phone unattended so that a physical bug cannot be installed on it, and not to put unverified software on it.

It is extremely important to update the operating system of the smartphone in a timely manner, which includes automatic updating of security patches. In any case, in order to protect yourself, it is important to know what wiretapping looks like.

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Why are scammers tapping phones?

Wiretapping is the easiest way to find out all the necessary information about a person. Who and why might need it is another question. However, the simplest option is financial fraud, when information about accounts, codes, and the like becomes available to eavesdroppers. As a result, they simply use other people's money.

There are more sophisticated methods of fraud, but the scheme in any case involves wiretapping, so it is important to identify and get rid of it. Sometimes you have to turn to professionals for this, for example, even when the problem does not disappear after resetting to factory settings. In any case, the smartphone owner should be careful - if the phone “behaves” strangely, you should be wary, because signs that are quite innocent at first glance may actually indicate that the phone is being listened to.

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