How to choose a mouse pad

How to choose a mouse pad

Many computer users underestimate the importance of a mouse pad, but in vain, because it is such an additional accessory that can improve some of the performance of the mouse, increase the accuracy of the cursor position on the screen, and also affect its speed. If you delve into the variety of such accessories, their purpose and the benefits of each option, then the choice of mouse pad will be made correctly.

Purchasing a mouse pad is a must

If you think that only avid gamers need a mouse pad, then you are wrong. After all, high and precise responsiveness is important to solve many working moments. For example, designers or content creators value comfort and ease of use, which is difficult to achieve without gliding smoothly over the right surface.

Benefits of a rug:

  • provides a protective function, as it prevents scratches on the table and mouse body;
  • prevents abrasion of the legs of the gadget;
  • levels the surface, since the texture of the table is not always suitable for smooth sliding;
  • increases the accuracy of the cursor;
  • improves comfort for the user's hand;
  • thanks to the huge selection of textures of the mouse pad cover, you can choose any mouse glide.

The presence of such a special "litter" removes the jitter of the cursor, its sticking and increases the sensitivity of the gadget control.

How to choose a mouse pad based on its purpose

The pad is a working mouse pad. To find out which rug to buy, you need to study the varieties and purposes:

  • The standard look implies the use of a mat for the performance of daily work in an office space. On sale is a variant of small and medium sizes, equipped with a special pillow designed to relieve the load from the brush. The material affects the performance of the product.
  • The gaming pad is designed for advanced users who spend most of their time at the computer. It has increased wear resistance, bright design and large parameters. It provides freedom of action, provides a high sliding speed of the gadget. A double-sided rug is often found on sale.
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The decorative function is important, because the overall design and cozy combination encourages you to work more.

Practicality of the material

To understand which rug is best for longer use, it is important to familiarize yourself with the material from which the accessory is made.

The mouse pad material should be of the same quality on the surface as on the base.

What is the surface like?

  • The plastic coating is characterized by ease of care, good glide, more accurate positioning of the cursor. However, perhaps its advantages end there. The accessory does not last long, and at the moment the mouse slides, an unpleasant noise is made.
  • The fabric surface is more comfortable to the touch, spares the legs of the gadget, provides a smooth glide, but not as accurate as plastic. The disadvantage is pickiness in care, quick staining of the fabric.
  • The rubber mat stands out for its softness and ease of care. It is more comfortable to use with a mouse. Provides precision manipulation, but less pleasant to the touch. Suitable for gaming and daily work.
  • The silicone version is less wear-resistant, but provides better glide.
  • The cork model of the rug is considered the most environmentally friendly. Nevertheless, it slows down the movements of the mouse, is finicky in care, and eventually erases the legs of the gadget.
  • The glass mat has a spectacular appearance, high accuracy of mouse movement, but when sliding it makes noise, quickly disables the gadget.

Choose a mouse pad based on its base:

  • The plastic version has a weak grip on the surface of the table, so it is less practical.
  • Aluminum models have an adhesive coating. It provides secure fastening to the table.
  • The rubber base is the most beneficial, as it combines durability and reliability.
  • The silicone version also attaches to any table texture without any problems, but is less durable due to its high sensitivity to dirt.

What should be the thickness of the rug

The thickness of the mouse pad only matters for user comfort. There are both ultra-thin models and rather thick ones on sale, but this does not affect the performance of the accessory.

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The optimal thickness is 2-4 mm.

Care instructions

Proper care of the accessory will extend its service life:

  • plastic, glass or aluminum coating must be cleaned of dirt with a wet sponge with soap;
  • from fabric, silicone and rubber models, dust particles and dirt can be removed using fluffy brushes or napkins.

Additional equipment:

  • the presence of a wrist rest relieves stress during prolonged work, facilitates manipulation with the mouse;
  • moisture prevention is an important function, especially in fabric rugs that have to be dried;
  • the stitched contour preserves the integrity of the rug, prevents its delamination;
  • the backlight function gives a spectacular look, allows you to see the borders of the rug in the dark.

Remember that additional functionality affects the cost of the product, so choose improved models only when necessary. Now you know how to choose a mouse pad.

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