Hearing aids: how to choose the right one

When buying a hearing aid, you need to consult an audiologist. He will conduct a hearing test and, with the help of the received audiogram, will help you choose the appropriate device that will set up individually. The doctor will facilitate the adaptation and tell you how to get used to the device quickly and correctly. Hearing Aids from the best manufacturers, such as Siemens (Siemens), Phonak (Fonak), Oticon (Oticon), Widex, Starkey, Axon, Bernafon, Sonic, ReSound, can be purchased at the Betteron Center, as well as receive assistance in hearing prosthetics.

Reason to wear a hearing aid

If the hearing loss is caused by ear infections, then you don't need a hearing aid. Hearing improvement in this case can be achieved with treatment. After it, the hearing is checked, and it becomes clear whether there are reasons to use the device. The most common of these is sensorineural hearing loss, which affects the inner ear, cranial nerve, or central ear. Most often this is due to disruption of the cochlear hair cells. 

Why is it needed

The main function of the device is to improve the sound quality. Scientists have proven that wearing it regularly stimulates the areas of the brain responsible for perception. This keeps him in good shape. After a break in wearing, you yourself will notice that you get used to the device again.

Types of hearing aids

Devices are:

  •  analog. Amplify sounds, including extraneous ones;
  •  digital. Suppress background noise by sequential processing of the audio signal.

Better sound is given by digital devices, but the principle of operation of the devices is similar. The devices contain a microphone, an amplifier and a speaker. In the analog model, everything is simple: the microphone collects the sound, then it is amplified and enters the ear. The digital device also picks up the signal, but converts it so that a person hears the sounds he needs without interference. Devices are selected based on age restrictions, the degree of hearing loss, health status and financial capabilities. They are:

  1. BTE. They consist of two parts: the device, which is located behind the ear, and the liner. They are connected by a thin tube. They are versatile, comfortable to wear and inexpensive. Suitable for any age, but noticeable. They are recommended for highII,III и I degrees of deafness.
  2. Intra-ear. They are a small piece that fits easily into the ear canal and auricle. Comfortable and almost invisible. They are more expensive, they can not be worn by children and the elderly. They have contraindications for ear and skin diseases. Recommended for moderate to mild hearing loss (I и II degree).
  3. Intracanal. They differ from intra-ear ones in that they are completely hidden in the auditory canal. The devices are invisible, made of materials that do not rub the skin, do not cause allergies. They have age restrictions and a high price.
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In Ukraine, a wide range of devices is presented at the Betterton Center. They guarantee comfort, high-quality sound, the ability to hear what was inaccessible. Devices are customizable. After consultation, the doctor will determine which one is right for you.

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