High-quality packaging: benefits that a business sometimes loses

About 90% of information about the world around a person perceives visually. And for the tasks of almost any business, this is a very important point: for example, in supermarkets there are so-called gold shelves, located just at eye level and bringing solid income. However, it is not enough to create a beautiful product - it is also important to pack it with high quality. There are opportunities for this: for example, Wellpacks offers a wide range of packaging materials, which can be evaluated here. However, many sellers make the mistake of not using branded packaging materials. But even a simple package with a logo can give a lot of competitive advantages.

Benefits of quality branded packaging

Branded and beautifully decorated packages and other packaging materials may seem unimportant: the consumer does not buy them, but what lies in them. However, good packaging can:

  • convey to the client the fact that the company cares about its customers;
  • inform about various promotions, promotional contests and other activities;
  • help you quickly remember the name and contact details of the company in case you need to place another order;
  • visually highlight the company's products.

In addition, the package is very convenient for transporting goods, as well as courier deliveries. With a high degree of probability, the client will bring the product home without laying it out of the package, which will allow the company to receive, albeit small, but free advertising. You can see a large assortment of bright courier packages with the possibility of branding more....

Shopping Psychology: Why Packaging Matters

Modern marketing relies heavily on various psychological techniques. For example, according to surveys of specialists, more than 50% of buyers reported that good packaging will play an important role in the decision to repurchase. It also helps in stimulating spontaneous purchases. For example, a client buys a product in a stylish, bright package, and if he wants to buy something else, he will most likely remember the “familiar” brand.

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Also, high-quality and informative packaging today is a kind of “business card” for companies selling remotely. This factor is successfully superimposed on eco-trends - the fashion for the repeated use of bags, boxes and other packaging allows you to periodically remind the client about the company.

The issue of developing and purchasing high-quality packaging, due to the above factors, can bring several specific advantages to the company at once. And ultimately, not only increase awareness, but also increase profits.

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