How to choose a sports drinking bottle

How to choose a sports drinking bottle

In the life of every athlete, water plays a decisive role, because only by maintaining the right level of fluid in the body can any results be achieved. It is important to maintain a water-alkaline balance in order to normalize the drinking regimen. Choose a suitable water bottle for which will allow you to drink the right amount of liquid.

Features of the choice of bottles for sports

There are a wide variety of sports bottles to choose from, including those that have simple closures, meaning they are suitable for any liquid. There are bicycle bottles that are ideally suited to the holder on bicycles in diameter, options with a spray, these are special bottles that have a spray and help not only quench your thirst, but also refresh your face during a workout.

Some models have a filter, it is necessary if water must be drawn from open sources. Some have a shaker function, and thermal bottles in the form of a mini thermos are also presented separately. You can find combined bottles that have two compartments, in which case you can fill the bottle not only with water, but also with fruits. Allocate children's and soft bottles made of polyethylene.

Highlights of the use of sports bottles

Bottles can vary in terms of ergonomics, different types of caps and types of drinking spout. On the site you can find different types of bottles and order a suitable print option, so you get a unique bottle that will fully match your parameters. You can choose one of the famous brands and order a special print on them.

As for the choice of such a parameter as ergonomics, here they take into account a convenient location in the hand, the presence of any bends for the brush, a special non-slip surface, the presence of a handle on the lid, as well as a cover or thermal bag.

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As for the diameter, most often it is selected under the bike holder or cup holder in the car. The size of the hand is also taken into account, as you know, women's hands are slightly smaller, so the diameter of the bottle is also better.

As for the roof, it can be hinged, that is, it will open if you press the button. Such bottles are hygienic, have a good opening speed - this is the risk of water leakage. Such a cover is more compact, but less convenient, not so reliable. Bottles can be with a tube, this is one of the most popular types of caps in training.

Features of the choice of material of manufacture

The material of manufacture can be:

  • plastic;
  • glass;
  • aluminum;
  • stainless steel.

Everyone chooses the option whose parameters are suitable.

As for the material, it can be plastic, it is a great material, one of the most popular, it is suitable for training, but often plastic bottles are not very environmentally friendly, and there may be some unpleasant aftertaste. If it is expensive harmless plastic tritan, then the price of the bottle will be higher. As for glass bottles, they have more weight, while this is a rather fragile material. If we consider aluminum, then such bottles are completely durable, safe, they have a small weight. Such bottles can be made to order, because you can choose a certain size, shape. Such a bottle can be protected from dirt, bumps, good fastening can be ensured, and it is also easy to decorate.

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