X-ray machines ECORAY: advantages and safety of veterinary equipment

Animals, like people, also get sick and need periodic examinations. Keeping track of health and identifying diseases is extremely important, because, as you know, we are responsible for those we have tamed. For the examination of animals, there is a special veterinary equipment - X-ray machines ECORAY.

These devices are produced by a Korean company. Delivers this veterinary equipment BIOVET is an online store that sells devices for veterinary medicine and animal husbandry. The Korean brand ECORAY produces mainly universal devices that are used in hospitals, places of permanent residence of animals, for example, on farms.

Advantages of x-ray machines

Devices from Korea have high-quality X-ray tubes, they allow you to carry out diagnostics with high accuracy and at the same time safely. Image x-ray machines ECORAY give very clear - thanks to the focal spot, which has a diagonal of 1,2 millimeters. A good picture, in turn, helps to get a more accurate diagnosis.

The following advantages of ECORAY X-ray devices are also distinguished:

  • built-in memory for a large number of shooting modes;
  • ergonomic design;
  • mobility;
  • snapshot speed (monoblock devices shoot in 0,02-2,5 seconds);
  • picture size (35x35 cm).

Additionally, ECORAY equipment stands out for its technical characteristics, which comply with strict international standards. Of course, they include the safety of performing diagnostics, as well as its accuracy.

Instrument safety

These devices, a large selection of which is presented on the website of the Biovet store, are as safe as possible. The built-in eight shooting modes affect a significant reduction in preparatory work.

Also, ECORAY X-ray machines have a collimator, which ensures safety due to a lead sleeve that absorbs and does not let excess radiation out. In addition, the use of this element makes it possible to direct the X-ray beam very precisely along the path indicated by the lamp.

Professionals in the field of veterinary medicine and animal husbandry evaluate this ECORAY equipment as reliable and practical. Another important fact is that even large animals can be scanned with these X-ray machines. Due to their mobility and autonomy, the devices are relevant for work not only on the farm, but also in grazing areas.

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