Rating of the best refrigerators: how to make a choice

Rating of the best refrigerators: how to make a choice

Nowadays, not a single family can do without household appliances, and refrigerators are in one of the first places in demand. This is a fairly expensive device that is bought for a long time. That is why a good refrigerator must meet the requirements for it. Ratings of refrigerators will help you make a choice.


“Atlant produces inexpensive household appliances, which are in no way inferior to imported products in terms of quality and reliability. If you are looking for a reliable budget refrigerator, Atlant is a great choice.


The top of refrigerators continues the well-known Italian brand Candy. This company produces high-quality and reliable refrigerators. Each piece of equipment undergoes mandatory testing, so it will work perfectly in any conditions. Also a big advantage is the low noise level and the attractive design of the models of this brand. The disadvantage is the rather high cost of technology.


Almost every review of refrigerators includes the manufacturer Samsung. The middle price segment, stylish design, high quality - all this distinguishes Samsung equipment among products from other manufacturers. Also, the refrigerators of this company are characterized by almost silent operation, a comfortable defrosting system, maintaining the same temperature throughout the entire space of the device. Samsung provides a wide range of quality refrigerators. At the same time, Samsung equipment is characterized by an optimal ratio of price and quality. That is why this brand is one of the world's leaders in sales.


Indesit refrigerators are widely distributed in the domestic market, so they are also listed in the top of refrigerators. The brand's equipment is characterized by high-quality assembly and a very reasonable price. Built-in refrigerators are very popular among consumers. Economy segment models are in particular demand. It is precisely because of its affordability that Indesit is often positioned as the best refrigerator. Another feature of the brand is the presence of several colors of each model, so Indesit refrigerators will fit perfectly into the interior of any kitchen.

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This brand of household appliances is widely known for its economical power consumption and high build quality. Thanks to a good cooling system, food in Electrolux refrigerators stays fresh for a long time. Also, many models have special storage areas for vegetables and fruits, built-in water filters. The temperature inside the refrigerator is the same throughout its space. There are both roomy refrigerators for a large family (Side by Side) and small units on the market. Electrolux refrigerators have many positive reviews on various websites and thematic forums.

BOSCH batteries and motors

The best refrigerators in terms of quality and reliability are produced by the German brand Bosch, which monitors all new trends and uses the most innovative technologies in the production of its equipment. It was the Bosch brand that developed the most popular dry freezing system. Also, this manufacturer has patented a special AgION technology that provides effective protection against bacteria due to a special coating containing silver ions. Models of this brand consume electricity very rationally, and are also easy to use. Laconic design, ergonomics and a large selection of models make Bosch a true professional in their field. The rather high cost of Bosch equipment is justified by genuine German quality and durability.


For a very long time, no brand can match the quality and reliability of Liebherr refrigerators. It is the absolute leader in the global household appliances market. The legendary German manufacturer produces more than 1 refrigerators a year. Each of them can safely be considered a work of art. Refrigerators of this brand are characterized by the absence of noise, durability (up to 500 years of continuous operation) and impeccable quality. The brand's assortment contains many different models - one- and two-chamber refrigerators, including Side by Side, special refrigerators for wine, etc.

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Also, brands such as NORD, LG, Whirlpool, Gorenje, Toshiba are very popular in the domestic household appliances market. Refrigerators have long been an integral part of every home. Today we do not even think about how much they make our life easier. That is why, in order to buy a good refrigerator that will make life more comfortable, you need to carefully analyze your needs, carefully study the range offered.

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