How to choose the best refrigerator

How to choose the best refrigerator

Each of you will surely agree with the opinion that the first and indispensable household appliance that appears in the house is the refrigerator. And this is not surprising, because this technique is designed to preserve the freshness of products for as long as possible. Due to the wide variety, it is difficult for a potential buyer to choose a suitable model that would have not only good functionality, but also a suitable appearance. How to choose a good refrigerator that will last a long time? Now we will look at this in more detail.

The importance of external parameters

The size and overall dimensions of the equipment are the very first factor that the buyer pays attention to. The person determines how much space is needed to install it. Since the usual environment for a refrigerator is the kitchen, which does not always have generous square meters, the dimensions of the equipment are an important indicator. So, which refrigerator to choose:

  • The standard option for rooms up to 12 square meters is a household appliance with a width and depth of about 60 cm. This is a generally accepted standard that is used to manufacture a refrigerator.
  • If the household appliances are built-in, then the depth will be approximately 55 cm.
  • There are small refrigerators on the market, the width of which is 45 cm, but such models are not equipped with a freezer, they are used only if there is no suitable place for a full-fledged household appliance.

The potential user selects the height of the refrigerator relative to his height. If you deviate from these dimensions, the buyer runs the risk of downloading extra space.

Usable capacity and volume

Before choosing a refrigerator for your home, it is important to consider the volume and the fact that supplies need freedom for better storage. Also, the volume depends on the number of users of household appliances.

How to choose the volume based on the number of users:

  • for one or two people, 250 liters is enough,
  • for 3 consumers - 250-300 l,
  • 4-5 users - 300-350 liters.
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Choosing a refrigerator for a larger family or if you need to store a large amount of food is a little different. It is necessary to purchase an option, the volume of which will exceed 500 liters. Moreover, the volume of the refrigerator compartment should exceed the volume of the freezer two to three times.

Material of manufacture

It is important to consider advice when buying a refrigerator regarding the material on which the physical characteristics of the equipment depend.


The most inexpensive and easy to care for is plastic. However, plastic coatings are not durable.


Metal options are more durable, but the price will be more expensive. As for the built-in shelves and gratings, they are made of plastic, glass or metal. The plastic shelf has a short service life, quickly cracks and turns yellow.

The glass shelf is easy to clean, durable and aesthetically pleasing. The metal grill is convenient only for good air circulation inside the refrigerator, but does little to prevent liquid spills.

Which refrigerator to buy home by the number of cameras? The chamber conventionally divides the interior of the refrigerator into several zones with different temperature levels.

Most models are equipped with two chambers: a freezer and a refrigerator. There are also refrigerators with three chambers on the market: freezing, refrigerating and universal, often it also has the name vegetable, as it allows you to save vegetables and fruits at zero temperature.

In conventional models, the freezer is located above the refrigerator. In appliances with a volume of 400 liters or more, the freezer and refrigerator compartments can be located side by side. If you need a large freezer space, the user can purchase a separate freezer.

Freezing strength and temperature

The power of freezing systems is presented in the form of stars or snowflakes: one star means -6 C, two - -12 C, 3-4 respectively. The low temperature guarantees the best preservation of the products.

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Refrigerators: which type of defrosting to choose

Today, the market presents refrigerators with three defrosting systems:

  • drip;
  • no frost;
  • manual.

The manual system involves manually turning off the refrigerator and removing water along with ice. In this case, the products will have to be removed from the refrigeration unit. The No Frost system does not require defrosting of the freezer thanks to regular self-cleaning by means of a fan.

The drip type of defrosting involves dripping water drops into a special tank without a fan, and also does not require defrosting.

Noise level

Most refrigeration appliances are equipped with standard capacity compressors that maintain the optimum temperature and environment inside the refrigerator/freezer. However, it is noisier.

There are also models with an inverter type of compressor that can adjust the power to maintain the temperature. It is quiet, but also consumes more electricity. Now you know which refrigerators to choose, taking into account your capabilities and wishes.

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