Gravel bikes for active people

Gravel bicycles are the same model, as they meet the needs of coristuvachs, as they want a universal version of a bicycle, as an efficient one on an asphalt road, so there, the road will end with a good solid surface and begin with gravel. Navischo pidide such a two-coloured zasib peresuvannya? For everything that your soul is good for, for the only fringes is your life. Qi models of bikes make a showcase geometry. The stench is equipped with tight disk galms, which guarantee the safe galvanization of that tooth in any mind. The characteristic features are also wheels with a width of up to 48 mm with a clear little tread and a wide kermo with an ergonomic vagin. Gravel bikes can be driven from a wide range of gears, and deaks of brandy can propagate a bicycle with special additional features - a set of wardrobe trunks, luggage racks and krill.

Gravity bikes are the category of goods, recognized for all lovers of swedish and comfortable rides. From one side, the stench allows you to save the vertical position behind the kerm, from the other side - they can be lifted with a wider number, the possibility of installing a trunk and wider tires. These are the ideal bikes for trips to the equal race. A gravel bike is a sporty model for amateurs who value active days or weekends.

Standard on gravel bikes are disc galma, aluminum or carbon frame, tires with a width of 28 to 48 mm, and a different shock absorber. Especially the kerma with the increased width of the lower handle. Some models have space for attaching the trunk, in others it is possible to place this accessory on the seatpost. Crimean gravel roads, gravel bikes also work well on other types of soil, bituminous cream.

Where to buy a gravel bike in Ukraine?

Buy a gravel bike from the best bikes on the website of the online store Unisport. In our category, where these models are presented, you will find a great selection of different bikes such as Orbea, Giant, Scott, Santa Cruz, Merida, Marin and others.

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Bicycle Giant Revolt Advanced 2 ser

In our online store you will also find all the additional details and anonymous accessories, such as bicycle bags and bicycle bags.

Dosi not vpevneni, what kind of bike do you like yourself? You can easily match all models on our website. We explain what can be used by mountain bikes, Russian bikes, trekking bikes and e-bikes. We can also help you buy a cool kid bike for your kid. Just read our blog and description up to the skin category on the site, and you will know what kind of bike you are happy with.

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