Shoe covers and nitrile gloves: characteristics and scope of consumables

Consumable, disposable products, which are so in demand in medicine, food industry, pharmacology, perform a lot of tasks. They protect the premises from dirt and dangerous bacteria, spores and at the same time do not allow specialists to endanger their lives and health, warn against injuries and injuries. First of all, this applies to masks, shoe covers, gloves. They must be of high quality and easy to use. For a bargain, you should choose a seller-manufacturer - in this case, for example, shoe covers price which is acceptable, it is profitable to order both wholesale and retail.

Shoe covers: price for different types and features of consumables

Boot covers are disposable shoe covers. Their use is especially important in bad weather, when there is snow, rain, mud and high humidity outside. They allow you to maintain cleanliness in rooms where it is especially important. They are also needed where sterility is required, and these are:

  • medical institutions;
  • children's institutions;
  • cosmetology and dental offices;
  • fitness centers;
  • enterprises of pharmacological and food orientation.

For shoe covers, three main characteristics are important that determine their properties and price. It:

  • the material from which they are made;
  • thickness and structure;
  • preparation method.

According to the type of material, polyethylene and non-woven shoe covers are distinguished. The first models are characterized by high barrier qualities, the ability to reliably protect the room from dirt. At the same time, their cost is acceptable, which allows them to be used in the work of various institutions.

Shoe covers made of polyethylene can be smooth or textured. In the first option, high or low pressure polyethylene is used. It is characterized by excellent strength, which guarantees protection against leaks. They have a lower price. Textured models are made of chlorinated polyethylene, they have less strength and density, but they are safer due to the fact that the corrugated surface does not slip on any coating. Their prices are higher.

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Disposable shoe covers have the following advantages:

  • they are tightly fixed on the shoes;
  • easy to use;
  • It is possible not to take a change of shoes with you.

Shoe covers differ in the density of the material, color. They can be worn for 2-6 hours. Used shoe covers must be disposed of.

Disposable nitrile gloves: their scope

In demand in medicine disposable nitrile gloveswhich ensure sterility and at the same time protect the medical staff. Also these gloves are used in the cosmetology industry. Nitrile provides good grip on small tools and objects, which is important for tattoo studios, for example.


The advantages of nitrile gloves were also appreciated by housewives - they choose them for repair work, cleaning, and gardening. They are also actively used in the food industry.

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