How to increase online store sales

Stationary trading is losing ground, giving way to business on the Internet, which is characterized by a number of advantages. However, this process is not as simple as many people think. For your online business to be successful, you need high-quality and effective online promotion Internet resource, as well as goods / services that it offers. At the same time, it is extremely important:

  • maintain a high level of product quality and customer service;
  • solve various problems without missing a single detail;
  • to be in constant attention to what is happening in the world;
  • be able to quickly respond to any changes in trade factors.

Even the smallest news or any change in the situation in the Internet business can play a decisive role and negatively affect the work of the online store. The owner of not every store can identify the cause of the drop in sales in time and quickly make a decision to neutralize it. You can avoid such situations if your business is based on close cooperation with specialists qualified in this field.

There is a solution, you just need to decide on an audit

If marketing works, but sales and profits are falling, it is recommended to conduct a marketing audit of the site, including:

  1. Checking and setting up correct analytics for the health and functionality of each structural element of your site. If any bugs are found in the system, they should be fixed immediately.
  2. Contextual advertising audit to identify the reasons hindering the effectiveness of advertising, as well as ways to make it less costly. Global problems in the work of content, for example, can be quickly identified through an express audit, which also includes the identification of about 80% of the reasons for the ineffectiveness of contextual advertising.
  3. SEO audit to identify low-quality links and broken traffic / article pages. It is especially important when traffic drops and external optimization is required. It is difficult to carry out such a volume of work on your own - you need a team of specialists and a number of special programs. In addition to the above, it is also desirable to analyze competitors' websites, carefully study their traffic sources and link profiles.

    Marketing Link Agency offers its marketing audit services. Our specialists will perform a Basic audit of your Internet resource within just two days in order to improve the quality of your marketing. Here you can download a checklist for free to analyze your contextual advertising. We also offer advice in person or over the phone.

  4. An audit of marketplaces and CPA traffic is necessary to analyze all the factors that affect traffic. Untagged traffic and broken targets are good reasons to optimize your traffic.
  5. End-to-end analytics, CRM and call tracking are all necessary when there is a lack of coordination in the work of the sales and marketing department. Here you need to carry out a number of procedures:
    • correction and integration of missing tools;
    • listening to calls, improving conversation scripts;
    • transaction analysis, etc.
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This is a routine job that the professionals of the Online Marketing Agency can easily handle. Marketing Link, headed by Nikolay Lukashuk. The goal of the agency is to make any project profitable. Want to know how well your online store is performing? Contact us, we guarantee a competent audit, identification of shortcomings and their elimination with clear recommendations to increase applications and increase sales.

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