What real estate options are suitable for investment?

Investments in real estate are highly liquid and profitable. It is better to invest in residential real estate near Kyiv, which is under construction. This option allows you to earn income in 2 ways: by reselling housing at a higher price, by renting out an object. A competent approach will allow you to make a purchase, which in the future will bring good dividends.

Residential Properties

If the object is located in a good area and built using modern materials, then you can always find a buyer or tenant. Such real estate investment Kyiv will generate a steady income.

Investing in residential real estate allows you to increase capital. The owner of a country house can live in it for some time, and then sell it more profitably. There is always a high demand for housing. For suburban objects, there is an increase in prices per square meter.

Experts say that investing money in buying a house or a cottage brings from 8% per annum. If the object is bought at the stage of construction, then the income will exceed this figure. Due to the fact of general inflation, housing prices in Ukraine are expected to rise.

Cottage developments

During the pandemic, people overestimate their lifestyle and increasingly buy housing outside the city. Country cottage real estate is suitable for people who value freedom and want to improve their living conditions. Life in private households is more comfortable, measured.

You can invest money in different housing options:

  • townhouses;
  • duplexes;
  • quadrohouses;
  • cottages.

Each object has its own architectural style, thoughtful layout. In most cases, a two-story property with a rough finish is for sale. The building area is closed from strangers, and the infrastructure of cottage townships is well developed.

Real estate through the eyes of investors

The most attractive are small houses (with an area of ​​100-150 sq m) near Kyiv. A profitable investment in Kyiv real estate can quickly pay off. It is enough to make repairs in the house, improve the local area and think through everything to the smallest detail.

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Such objects are popular, near which walking areas or natural landscapes are located. The owner of the property gets the opportunity to have a good rest, it is interesting to spend time with the family. Buyers are interested in both economy segment townhouses and premium houses. One of the most popular destinations is Vyshgorodskoye.

Current trends

It is necessary to invest in the purchase of such houses, the design style of which will remain relevant for a long time to come. Projects with a concise style and proven construction technology are in demand. A popular material in the construction of country houses is aerated concrete blocks. Buyers are offered complex buildings with attic floors, modern glazing.

Investors pay attention to such an actual trend as energy efficient technologies. Particular attention of buyers is attracted by houses with high-quality natural light, large panoramic windows. Projects with an open layout of premises, with small land plots and areas for cars are in demand.

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