Why do I need a deposit and is it necessary to be afraid to leave a deposit for it when renting a car?

Going to another city on vacation or on a business trip, many experience discomfort due to the fact that they cannot use the usual amenities - a private car. To get rid of unnecessary troubles and be in time everywhere, quickly and comfortably arrive at any desired place, you can use the car rental service - both with and without a driver.

Collateral conditions

One of the key conditions when renting a car is a deposit. A certain amount is blocked on the tenant's account, which will guarantee coverage of damage to the car, or reimbursement of payment for additional services, such as road service, payment for gasoline, delay in returning the car. In order to avoid difficulties, it is best to familiarize yourself with the terms of the lease before signing the contract.

The amount blocked as a deposit depends on the value of the car and additional options included in the contract. It can range from hundreds to several thousand euros. However, there is no need to be afraid of blocking this money. As soon as the rental time comes to an end, they are immediately defrosted and returned to the full disposal of the owner.

Even if there was a hitch, you can always contact the bank and, having explained the essence of the issue, get control over the money. In fact, banks often face similar situations. Practice shows that they are willing to meet halfway, it is enough just to send them an application.

Rental price and additional services

The rental price is determined not only by the high cost of the car. There is a basic part, which is calculated based on the costs of checking documents, collecting data about the driver, obtaining insurance, a deposit, as well as other routine work required when making a rental. The amounts determined by:

  • Machine class. Large and rare cars will cost significantly more;
  • The state of transport. Before signing the contract, it is necessary to carefully inspect the rental object and write down everything, even the smallest damage;
  • The duration of the rental. The longer the rental period, the lower the average payment for one day;
  • Demand dependent. In the cold season, on weekdays, a car will cost much less than on weekends and holidays, when demand increases.
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The availability of special options may change the total price. Online driveup.com.ua the company provides flexible insurance conditions, allows you to change the size of the deposit, supports various types of insurance and a wide range of additional services:

  • Separate glass and tire insurance;
  • Registration of full insurance;
  • Rent without mileage limit;
  • Rent with the option "personal driver";
  • Provision of a child seat;
  • Super Top Cover is an option, using which the renter completely relieves himself of responsibility for the car.

Separately, we can note the useful One Way function. It allows you to pick up the car in one locality and give it back in another. Renting a car from DriveUp is profitable and really convenient.

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