Printing on PVC - how it happens

Polyvinyl chloride sheet or simply PVC is widely recognized as one of the strongest, most durable, versatile, simple yet economical polymers available on the market today. Low prices and durability make it ideal for a variety of applications. In addition, among its advantages is its excellent printability.

Plastic PVC printing allows you to create signs, posters and other useful things that need to be light, strong, durable, flexible and weatherproof. Consider the most common methods for printing images, as well as what paint is best to use for printing.

Digital wide format printing

Digital type printing technologies are constantly evolving, rapidly expanding the possibilities. This method allows you to print high-quality full-color images on various types of materials. This requires a few settings to be made, and the process is great for single or short run prints. However, the ink is quite expensive, so a long production cycle is not economically viable.

For direct printing on PVC, UV inks are most commonly used, which are cured by exposure to UV light. Their advantages are environmental friendliness, brightness and color saturation.

Screen printing

The development of digital technology has reduced the cost of traditional screen printing, but in some applications it is still a viable alternative.

It uses inks that are cured under powerful UV light to ensure long-lasting, vibrant prints. Image quality is limited, but vector graphics are reproduced well.

Offset printing UV

Modern printing technology ensures high definition and image quality. UV ink is environmentally friendly and reduces production time, no need to wait for the final ink fixing. The initial installation requires a lot of money and time, so the technologies are used for medium and large circulation.

Therefore, PVC is an excellent choice in the advertising sector, due to its relatively low cost, durability and suitable for bright advertising printing. The choice of high-quality material is very important - it will help to achieve the best result.

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